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What Do Triangle Tattoos Signify?

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matching triangle tattoos

Tattoos don’t need to cover a large surface area region to keep sizeable benefit. In point, several smaller and basic tattoos, like triangle tattoos, can carry deep and symbolic meanings to their wearers. In this posting, we’ll dive into the ancient heritage of the triangle, masking every thing from its mythological past and non secular connections to its spiritual ties and new age relevance.

What Do Triangles Symbolize?

To some people today, a small triangle tattoo may well come throughout as a spur-of-the-moment dedication or a hipster-millennial craze, when in actuality this symbol has numerous intricate meanings tied to it. So much so that you can under no circumstances genuinely know what someone’s triangle tattoo symbolizes unless you request them.

Commonly, a triangle tattoo will symbolize just one of the pursuing, but this historical image can really signify regardless of what your coronary heart dreams.

Knowledge and Harmony

If you are looking for a tattoo that embraces knowledge and stability, a triangle is a great decision because it is represented by the quantity a few. In some cultures and philosophies, the selection a few symbolizes stability, individualism, and correct wisdom.

In astrology, the quantity 3 is tied to Jupiter, the world of ambition, purpose, and expertise.

The triangle also equates to knowledge in Greek mythology, wherever it is considered that the traces of a triangle incorporate assumed and emotion to make a doorway to larger wisdom.

Good Transform

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is the delta, which is represented by a triangle when in its uppercase variety. The uppercase delta is made use of in arithmetic to signify alter. As these types of, about time delta triangle tattoos have turn out to be a common symbol for positive modify. All those who have gone through a enormous transformation, be it emotional or actual physical, are frequently drawn to this tattoo due to the fact it reminds them of how significantly they’ve occur.

Adore and Link

A triangle tattoo can also characterize diverse kinds of like. In many cases, matching triangle tattoos will be dedicated to loving interactions, no matter if they are passionate or not. Three mates can pick out to get this tattoo, providing a different colour to every line of the triangle to spotlight their personalities. The exact can be done by a few siblings, way too, or by enthusiasts who want to honor their relationship.

While triangles make for wonderful matching tattoos, they aren’t for everybody. Luckily for us, there are a great deal of other matching tattoo ideas that stand for deep bonds and relationships.


All over historical past, several cultures have utilized the triangle to cement their religious or philosophical beliefs. To protected their prominence, a union of 3 concepts merged to sort a trinity.

Beneath are some of the most nicely-known trinities. Nonetheless, hold in mind that when building your triangle tattoo, you can build a trinity of your personal by choosing three themes that make any difference tremendously to you.

Earlier, Current, and Long term

A triangle tattoo can symbolize time and its linear trajectory. The Past, Existing, and Long term is a quite well-known trinity mainly because it reminds men and women of where they arrived from, where they are now, and exactly where they are going.

Intellect, System, and Spirit

The Mind, Human body, and Spirit trinity is common among religious and religious communities. Oftentimes, people who select to dedicate their triangle tattoo to this trinity have a profound really like for yoga, as its follow seeks to ignite the thoughts, system, and spirit relationship. This trinity may perhaps also give a large amount of value to those people who apply meditation.

Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit incorporate to variety the Holy Trinity. In the Christian faith, it is believed that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bind jointly to form the a single accurate God. Devout Christians who wish to honor their religion with physique ink may well opt for to devote their triangle tattoo to the Holy Trinity.

Various Triangle Tattoos and Their Meanings

matching triangle tattoos

The triangle is one particular of the oldest symbols known to mankind. It has such a numerous history that it signifies different themes from lifestyle to society. These days, it would seem like the triangle tattoo is turning out to be far more well known by the working day, as each adult males and girls are connecting with what this ancient image stands for.

Currently, a triangle tattoo can symbolize anything at all from your faith and ideologies to your closest associations and wildest dreams. There certainly isn’t a watch that a triangle tattoo simply cannot specific.

Below are some of the most frequent triangle tattoos and their meanings.

Triangle Pointing Upwards

A prevalent triangle tattoo for adult men is one of a triangle pointing up, which is referred to as the “blade.” This image references men for the reason that its sharpest position is facing up, just like the conclude of a sword. In this posture, the base of the triangle continues to be grounded, supplying the shape with steadiness and equilibrium.

Its powerful stance is usually attributed to gentlemen mainly because it symbolizes pressure, hearth, and dominance. When you select to get a blade triangle tattoo, you are embracing masculinity and toughness.

Triangle Pointing Downwards

A triangle pointing down is termed the “chalice,” and it is this symbol that is attributed to women of all ages and divine femininity. The chalice represents passivity, water, and the womb. It is the full opposite of what the blade triangle involves.

Nonetheless, when both equally the blade and the chalice are combined, forming the star of David, the male and feminine energies are well balanced harmoniously.

The Star of David or the Shatkona

The Star of David is manufactured up of two triangles, 1 pointing up and the other pointing down. Though the Star of David is largely joined to Judaism, those who closely abide by the Torah are likely to view tattoos as impure. Therefore, it is significantly much less typical for a Star of David tattoo to symbolize the Jewish religion than the balancement of male and woman energies.

If you’d like your tattoo to symbolize the harmony among gentlemen and women of all ages, a Star of David tattoo is an superb selection. Alternatively, in Hinduism and Buddhism, a tattoo primarily based on the Shatkona, which appears to be like equivalent to the Star of David, brings together the energies of Shiva and Shakti and establishes a rhythmical equilibrium amongst the genders.

All-Seeing Eye

all-seeing-eye tattoo

Yet another well-liked tattoo amongst the Christian community is the Eye of Providence. In Christian mythology, it is thought that the Eye of Providence serves as a reminder that God is constantly observing. This tattoo delivers a ton of reduction to Christians as it reassures them that they are being looked following and cared for by their Creator.

On the other hand, the all-looking at eye is also a well-liked tattoo among occultists, as it relates to the magic formula culture that is the Illuminati. Nevertheless, the big difference concerning the Eye of Providence and the All-Observing Eye of the Illuminati, is that the Eye of Providence is merely an eye in a triangle, whereas the All-Looking at Eye is ordinarily positioned within of, or on prime of, a pyramid.

A few Interlocking Triangles

An additional fascinating triangle tattoo is introduced to us by Norse mythology. This tattoo combines 3 triangles, which type a form termed the “valknut.” It is considered by modern day Norwegian archeologists that the word “valknut” translates to the “knot of slain warriors.”

While the first indicating of the valknut is mysterious, it frequently appeared on tombstones all over the Viking Age and is strongly connected to the cult of the useless.

Folks who choose to get the valknut as a tattoo typically have strong ties to Norse mythology, Germanic paganism, and Heathenry. Even so, since the accurate this means of the valknut is unfamiliar, this tattoo is normally approached with caution.

Triangle and Flowers

A triangle and flower tattoo is a typical mixture that is normally selected by girls. This is mainly because flowers symbolize beauty, femininity, and enjoy. If you’d like to devote your tattoo to a distinctive man or woman in your everyday living, be it a pal, lover, or relative, a triangle and flower tattoo is a superb decision. In some situations, a person may well even pick to forego the borders of the triangle, forming its triangular shape with bouquets on your own.

Picking out a Placement for Your Triangle Tattoo

Triangle tattoos occur in several sizes and models, some of which appear greater on diverse areas of the entire body. If you are finding a huge or densely-contoured triangle tattoo, inserting it above a broader area location, like your chest, again, or biceps might assistance the tattoo appear a lot more balanced.

If you are pondering of acquiring a modest and dainty triangle tattoo, however, you can area it around your wrist, finger, or ankle to make it a lot more visible. But, if you’d want to continue to keep your triangle tattoo to you, you can position it above your ribcage, sternum, or decreased back again.

The fact is, triangle tattoos search great no issue in which you opt for to location them — they are just that versatile.

Receiving a Triangle Tattoo

getting triangle tattooed on arm

Regardless of whether you are pondering of obtaining your initial-at any time tattoo or searching to incorporate some indicating to an existing piece, a triangle tattoo can provide your physique artwork to the up coming degree. A triangle can conveniently be tailored to match your ideologies, as its abundant qualifications is bursting at the seams with possibilities.

Whilst many triangle tattoos have profound meanings, they can be chosen by individuals for aesthetic good reasons by itself. In the end, you are the a single who will get to pick out what your triangle tattoo indicates, or if it even has a which means.

Triangle tattoos can be created to seem dainty and tasteful or large and looming — it all relies upon on the style and design you pick out. What’s most crucial, nevertheless, is that you take your time to find a talented tattoo artist who can draw up a triangle tattoo that you will really like for the relaxation of your lifetime.

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