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What Do Triangle Tattoos Imply & Symbolize?

by Amelie Smith
What Do Triangle Tattoos Mean & Symbolize?

Tattoos don’t have to cowl a big floor space to carry vital worth. In reality, many small and easy tattoos, like triangle tattoos, can carry deep and symbolic meanings to their wearers. On this article, we’ll dive into the traditional historical past of the triangle, overlaying every little thing from its mythological previous and religious connections to its non secular ties and new age relevance.

What Do Triangles Symbolize?

To some individuals, a tiny triangle tattoo could come throughout as a spur-of-the-moment dedication or a hipster-millennial development, when actually this image has many intricate meanings tied to it. A lot so that you could by no means actually know what somebody’s triangle tattoo symbolizes until you ask them.

Normally, a triangle tattoo will symbolize one of many following, however this historic image can actually symbolize no matter your coronary heart wishes.

Knowledge and Steadiness

If you happen to’re searching for a tattoo that embraces knowledge and steadiness, a triangle is a incredible alternative as a result of it’s represented by the quantity three. In some cultures and philosophies, the quantity three symbolizes steadiness, individualism, and true knowledge.

In astrology, the quantity three is tied to Jupiter, the planet of ambition, purpose, and data.

The triangle additionally equates to knowledge in Greek mythology, the place it’s believed that the traces of a triangle mix thought and emotion to create a doorway to greater knowledge.

Constructive Change

The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet is the delta, which is represented by a triangle when in its uppercase type. The uppercase delta is utilized in arithmetic to symbolize change. As such, over time delta triangle tattoos have change into a well-liked image for optimistic change. Those that have undergone an enormous transformation, be it emotional or bodily, are sometimes drawn to this tattoo as a result of it reminds them of how far they’ve come.

Love and Connection

A triangle tattoo may also symbolize totally different sorts of affection. Oftentimes, matching triangle tattoos shall be devoted to loving relationships, whether or not they’re romantic or not. Three buddies can select to get this tattoo, giving a special coloration to every line of the triangle to focus on their personalities. The identical could be executed by three siblings, too, or by lovers who wish to honor their connection.

Though triangles make for nice matching tattoos, they aren’t for everybody. Fortunately, there are many different matching tattoo concepts that symbolize deep bonds and relationships.


All through historical past, many cultures have used the triangle to cement their non secular or philosophical beliefs. To safe their prominence, a union of three ideas merged to type a trinity.

Under are a number of the most well-known trinities. Nevertheless, take into account that when designing your triangle tattoo, you’ll be able to create a trinity of your personal by choosing three themes that matter tremendously to you.

Previous, Current, and Future

A triangle tattoo can symbolize time and its linear trajectory. The Previous, Current, and Future is a very fashionable trinity as a result of it reminds individuals of the place they got here from, the place they’re now, and the place they’re going.

Thoughts, Physique, and Spirit

The Thoughts, Physique, and Spirit trinity is widespread amongst religious and spiritual communities. Oftentimes, those that select to dedicate their triangle tattoo to this trinity have a profound love for yoga, as its follow seeks to ignite the thoughts, physique, and spirit connection. This trinity might also provide plenty of worth to those that follow meditation.

Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit mix to type the Holy Trinity. Within the Christian religion, it’s believed that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bind collectively to type the one true God. Religious Christians who want to honor their religion with physique ink could select to dedicate their triangle tattoo to the Holy Trinity.

Totally different Triangle Tattoos and Their Meanings

matching triangle tattoos

The triangle is likely one of the oldest symbols recognized to mankind. It has such a various background that it represents totally different themes from tradition to tradition. Right this moment, it looks as if the triangle tattoo is gaining popularity by the day, as each women and men are connecting with what this historic image stands for.

Right this moment, a triangle tattoo can symbolize something out of your religion and ideologies to your closest relationships and wildest desires. There really isn’t a view {that a} triangle tattoo can’t categorical.

Listed here are a number of the most typical triangle tattoos and their meanings.

Triangle Pointing Upwards

A standard triangle tattoo for males is one among a triangle pointing up, which is known as the “blade.” This image references males as a result of its sharpest level is going through up, identical to the top of a sword. On this place, the bottom of the triangle stays grounded, offering the form with stability and steadiness.

Its highly effective stance is usually attributed to males as a result of it symbolizes pressure, fireplace, and dominance. Once you select to get a blade triangle tattoo, you might be embracing masculinity and power.

Triangle Pointing Downwards

A triangle pointing down known as the “chalice,” and it’s this image that’s attributed to ladies and divine femininity. The chalice represents passivity, water, and the womb. It’s the exact opposite of what the blade triangle entails.

Nevertheless, when each the blade and the chalice are mixed, forming the star of David, the female and male energies are balanced harmoniously.

The Star of David or the Shatkona

The Star of David is made up of two triangles, one pointing up and the opposite pointing down. Though the Star of David is primarily linked to Judaism, those that carefully comply with the Torah are likely to view tattoos as impure. Due to this fact, it’s far much less widespread for a Star of David tattoo to represent the Jewish religion than the balancement of female and male energies.

If you happen to’d like your tattoo to represent the steadiness between women and men, a Star of David tattoo is a superb alternative. Alternatively, in Hinduism and Buddhism, a tattoo primarily based on the Shatkona, which seems to be much like the Star of David, combines the energies of Shiva and Shakti and establishes a rhythmical steadiness between the genders.

All-Seeing Eye

all-seeing-eye tattoo

One other widespread tattoo amongst the Christian neighborhood is the Eye of Windfall. In Christian mythology, it’s believed that the Eye of Windfall serves as a reminder that God is at all times watching. This tattoo brings plenty of aid to Christians because it reassures them that they’re being taken care of and cared for by their Creator.

Nevertheless, the all-seeing eye can also be a well-liked tattoo amongst occultists, because it pertains to the key society that’s the Illuminati. Nevertheless, the distinction between the Eye of Windfall and the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati, is that the Eye of Windfall is just a watch in a triangle, whereas the All-Seeing Eye is normally positioned within, or on high of, a pyramid.

Three Interlocking Triangles

One other fascinating triangle tattoo is dropped at us by Norse mythology. This tattoo combines three triangles, which type a form known as the “valknut.” It’s believed by trendy Norwegian archeologists that the phrase “valknut” interprets to the “knot of slain warriors.”

Though the unique that means of the valknut is unknown, it generally appeared on tombstones all through the Viking Age and is strongly linked to the cult of the useless.

Individuals who select to get the valknut as a tattoo usually have sturdy ties to Norse mythology, Germanic paganism, and Heathenry. Nevertheless, because the true that means of the valknut is unknown, this tattoo is usually approached with warning.

Triangle and Flowers

A triangle and flower tattoo is a typical mixture that’s sometimes chosen by ladies. It is because flowers symbolize magnificence, femininity, and love. If you happen to’d wish to dedicate your tattoo to a particular particular person in your life, be it a buddy, lover, or relative, a triangle and flower tattoo is a incredible alternative. In some circumstances, one could even select to forego the borders of the triangle, forming its triangular form with flowers alone.

Selecting a Placement for Your Triangle Tattoo

Triangle tattoos are available in many sizes and kinds, a few of which look higher on totally different elements of the physique. If you happen to’re getting a big or densely-contoured triangle tattoo, inserting it over a wider floor space, like your chest, again, or biceps could assist the tattoo seem extra balanced.

If you happen to’re pondering of getting a small and dainty triangle tattoo, nevertheless, you’ll be able to place it over your wrist, finger, or ankle to make it extra seen. However, if you happen to’d choose to maintain your triangle tattoo to your self, you’ll be able to place it over your ribcage, sternum, or decrease again.

The reality is, triangle tattoos look good regardless of the place you select to put them — they’re simply that versatile.

Getting a Triangle Tattoo

getting triangle tattooed on arm

Whether or not you’re pondering of getting your first-ever tattoo or wanting so as to add some that means to an current piece, a triangle tattoo can carry your physique artwork to the following stage. A triangle can simply be personalized to suit your ideologies, as its wealthy background is bursting on the seams with potentialities.

Though many triangle tattoos have profound meanings, they are often chosen by individuals for aesthetic causes alone. Finally, you’re the one who will get to decide on what your triangle tattoo means, or if it even has a that means.

Triangle tattoos could be made to look dainty and tasteful or massive and looming — all of it depends upon the design you select. What’s most necessary, nevertheless, is that you just take your time to discover a proficient tattoo artist who can draw up a triangle tattoo that you just’ll love for the remainder of your life.

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