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Major 23 Anime Girl Characters with Curly Hair (2022) – HairstyleCamp

by Amelie Smith
Top 23 Anime Girl Characters with Curly Hair (2022) – HairstyleCamp

jeneliaAnime girls with curly hair have grow to be exceedingly preferred with the passage of time. Curls have often been cute and desirable, but anime girls have owned them in a way that leaves no doubt concerning the fashionable and charming nature of curly hair.

Curly hair is often applied for characters who will have to be innocent, naïve, and shy as effectively as have a girly charm. The curls are generally flying wildly in all directions and are fairly untamed which shows just how carefree and fresh the anime characters are. From time to time, villainous characters are provided curls as well, but their curls are often intense and sleek displaying that they have unfavorable power about them.

No matter what the case is, anime girls usually have curly hair and their hair is a style inspiration for girls across the globe. Anime curly hair is not often lengthy or has a distinct pattern, rather it is generally totally free and has abstract styling which is idiosyncratic of every single character.

From time to time it is only the curls of hair which make anime girls favourite of folks. And far more surprisingly, the girl grows their hair lengthy and dye them the identical shade as their favourite anime girls who have curly hair.


Well-known Anime Girl’s Curly Hairstyles

Effectively, we have talked a great deal about anime curly hair, now let’s have a appear at 23 most popular anime girl characters who have curly hair.

1. Nui Harime from Kill La Kill

Anime Character Harime Nui With Curly Hair

Instagram / e.malteadx

Recognized for becoming kid-like and satisfied-go-luck, Nui is often smiling and forever friendly. The ideal element is her hairstyle suits her character effectively. Her two-sided curly hairstyle with side bangs completely matches her attractive pink outfit and bubbly behavior. 

But do not be fooled. Nui may possibly have the ideal anime curly hairstyles, but she also has a single of the darkest stories and strongest demeanor in Kill La Kill. 


two. Kamado Nezuko from Demon Slayer

Anime Character Kamado Nezuko With Curly Hair

Instagram / nezuko.kam_ado

Sort and caring– these are the qualities that ideal describe Nezuko. And eventhough she lost a lot of her memories when she became a demon, she’s nonetheless fiercely protective of the folks she loves the most. 

There’s no doubt that she’s a single brazen and courageous girl and her fabulously lengthy dark and curly hair just suits her persona effectively. It is created even far more glamorous with her chocolate brown ombre hair colour.  


three. Miura Yumiko from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Anime Character Miura Yumiko With Curly Hair

Instagram / ricky_mustofa26

If there’s a single word to describe Miura, it is no other than charismatic which tends to make her fairly a preferred girl in her college. Aside from her charm, we think that it is her lengthy and wavy blonde hair with wispy bangs that make her a single of most gorgeous “it” girls in her college. 

Sadly, her reputation has gotten into her head and created her fairly pompous. She has higher self esteem which tends to make it tough for her to care for and make close friends with other folks. 


four. Emma from The Promised Neverland

Anime Character Emma With Curly Hair

Instagram / emma_.the.promised_neverland

Emma is a single of the smartest girls in the Grace Field residence. She’s also extroverted, athletic, and just complete of life which tends to make her fairly a specific girl and she has a one of a kind hairstyle to boot!

Her light orange brief hair suits her fair skin tone and emerald eyes. The hairstyle appears fairly one of a kind as compared to other anime curly hairstyles in this list mainly because hers is not wavy or curly. It is far more on messy as the strands stick up at all angles about her head with a lengthy lock that curves upward appropriate exactly where her hair is parted.


five. Angela Carpenter from Carole and Tuesday

Anime Character Angela Carpenter With Curly Hair

Instagram / black_anime_characters

From the outdoors, Angela Carpenter appears just about every inch like the ideal lady. She’s a wonderful model and a brillian actress and has the ideal dark brief hair that is curled upwards in the finish. Her hairstyle appears so very good with her dark tan and purple eyes and matches her slightly revealing wardobe. 

Even so, she’s basically broken and sad in the inside mainly because of her dark previous. But even if she’s arrogant, bossy, and very easily loses her temper, she wouldn’t do something to purposely harm the other characters in the show. 


six. Koga Tomoe from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Anime Character Koga Tomoe With Curly Hair

Instagram / akimirai

Tomoe has often had a powerful need to match in. To stay away from becoming bullied, she decided to apply makeup and put on the most fashionable clothing when they relocated to Tokyo. Not only that, she also decided to have her styled in a salon and that was most in all probability the ideal choice she has ever created mainly because her light brown bob haircut appears on point!


7. Saaya Yamabuki from BanG Dream!

Anime Character Saaya Yamabuki With Curly Hair

Instagram / saayalfy


eight. Launch from DragonBall Z

Anime Character Launch With Curly Hair

Instagram / yuyuhakushotruth


9. Marie from Dies Irae

Anime Character Marie With Curly Hair

Instagram / marshmallow_marie

Locked in isolation for fairly a even though, Marie is most in all probability the most innocent girl you will ever meet. But even if she lacks social awareness, she’s basically particularly loving and type. 

She’s also effectively-poised and often graceful and has lengthy wavy caramel blonde hair with a middle element that tends to make her appear particularly gorgeous. It also matches her favourite blue uniform fairly effectively.  


ten. Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Anime Character Mai Valentine With Curly Hair

Instagram / pharaoh_atem99

Mai Valentine’s hairstyle is not like any other individuals out there. Even though other individuals have lengthy, flowy, and wavy hair, hers is thick and spiky which tends to make her a reduce above the rest. Her lengthy blonde hair also appears awesome with her purple eyes.

She also loves wearing purple clothing which showcases her enjoy for authority, energy, cash, and individual satisfaction. 


11. Quetzalcoatl from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Anime Character Quetzalcoatl With Curly Hair

Instagram / the_peoples_dragon_maid

Even in her human kind, Quetzalcoatl nonetheless appears just about every inch like goddess with her fair skin and lengthy blonde curly hair. The ends of her hair function an eye-catching green and turquoise colour which tends to make it a single-of-a-type.  She also has an hourglass physique shape, tall stature, and enormously significant breast, so she’s actually stands out in the crowd. 

Her beautiful look shines even brighter as she’s often noticed smiling. She’s also caring and nurturing which tends to make her a single of the most loved characters in the show. 


12. Suzuka Dairenji from Tokyo Ravens

Anime Character Suzuka Dairenji With Curly Hair

Instagram / soulking.anime

With her curly twin-tails with red ribbon, thin and wispy bangs, and blonde hair colour, Suzuka appears like an innocent and shy girl. But ther truth is, she’s fairly sadistic and a flirt. She’s also identified to spout unfavorable comments and undesirable insults without having a second believed. 

Her imply character may possibly come as a outcome of her traumatizing childhood which contains becoming experimented on by her parents. 


13. Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe's Curly Hairstyle

The two refined and exquisitely styled curls of Mami Tomoe have grow to be symbolic of her character. Her type yellow eyes and ideal magic expertise are certainly the motives that folks like her for, but her yellow curls have a big part in creating her appear as very good as she does. She is mainly noticed in uniform which highlights her curls, even far more, creating her appear young and fairly.


14. Elizabeth Medford’s Pigtails

Elizabeth Medford with Curly Hair

Black Butler is a planet-popular anime girl with pigtails which is nonetheless a favourite of most folks given that it has such wonderful characters. The girl with classy curls in it, Elizabeth Medford, has been the ideal symbol of beauty and class in it.

This anime girl’s curly hair is what distinguishes her in such a charming way and tends to make her appear like a classy and impressive lady belonging to the higher class. Her curly blond hair has helped the developers make her appear sophisticated and beautiful.


15. Selnia Lori Flameheart from Ladies Versus Butlers

anime girl with curly hair

One particular of the popular anime girls with curly hair of the list Selnia from Ladies versus Butlers has some sleek drill-shaped yellow blonde hair which appears fairly intense, but she has a incredibly humble and innocent character. It adjustments when she attends Kakureiryo Academy and is constantly bullied more than the shape of her hair.

She is usually referred to as Drill Head but her hair remains a big supply of her appeal and attraction. Even so, she manages to hold herself humble and type on the inside even if she has to toughen up on the exterior and ward off the bullies.


16. Ravel Phoenix from Higher College DxD

best anime girl curly hairstyles

Ravel from Phoenix is the youngest a single in her family members, but she possesses exceptional magical properties and gorgeous anime curly hair. She generally wears pink dresses and has a incredibly girly vibe to her character which is enhanced by the way she ties her hair in ribbons to hold it in a spot. Ravel is fairly loyal towards folks that she cares about and has exquisite manners and a incredibly friendly persona.


17. Chariot from Black Rock Shooter

Chariot's Blonde Curly Hair

This antagonist from Black Rock Shooter has a critical style game. Her lengthy curly blonde hair is let loose and tends to make her seem fiercer. The all round appear is created far more intimidating by the spiky black crown that she wears.


18. Ichigo Hoshimia from Aikatsu

Major 23 Anime Girl Characters with Curly Hair (2022) – HairstyleCamp | anime girl with curly hair 7

Ichigo Hoshimiya is an epitome of cute bubbliness with her lengthy wavy blonde hair which tends to make her appear incredibly young and girly. She ties it up with a red ribbon mainly and the contrasting colour of the ribbon tends to make it stand out far more from the rest of her profile.


19. Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger's Curly Hair

Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter is an additional a single of hugely potent anime girl with curly hair which use her dainty look to hide her accurate powers. She has curly lengthy blonde hair which goes completely with the type of dresses that she generally wears. A girly pink is mainly worn by her which tends to make her appear as a great deal young and innocent as she desires to seem.


20. Sadi from One particular Piece

Major 23 Anime Girl Characters with Curly Hair (2022) – HairstyleCamp | anime girl with curly hair 8

Anime curly hairstyles are not often about becoming innocent and shy, rather they appear equally very good on villains who have cunning minds and even far more cunning schemes up their sleeve. Sadi from One particular Piece is just the appropriate instance of this and her hair matches her character so effectively that it is challenging to envision her without having it.


21. Aria from Omega Quintet

Major 23 Anime Girl Characters with Curly Hair (2022) – HairstyleCamp | anime girl with curly hair 9

Aria is a powerful and beautiful anime girl with fashionable white curly hair which is so lengthy that it falls all the way down her calves. She leaves her hair in gentle and all-natural waves which tends to make it even far more desirable.


22. Moeka Kiryu from Steins, Gate

Anime Girl Moeka Kiryu with Curly Hair

Moeka Kiryu is an editor and has a incredibly nerdy appear. Her light chestnut-brown hair is often styled in a all-natural manner providing far more character and really feel to her nerdy appear. This beautiful anime girl with curly hair just does not speak when she does not have her telephone with her, do not we all as well?

Well-liked Anime Girls With Brown Hair


23. Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

Kagari Izuriha's Curly Hair

Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter has beautiful curly hair which is blonde. Her anime curly hair is mainly messy and falls down in all-natural curls down her back. She applied to use a wheelchair but quickly she got superior and began walking. Her messy blonde hair tied in a pink ribbon appear fairly cute.


These fairly anime girls with curly hair are all incredibly preferred and have grow to be an iconic ambassador of curly hair all more than the planet.

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