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The That means of an Owl Tattoo

by Amelie Smith
The Meaning of an Owl Tattoo

Owls are magical, mystical creatures that occupy the night time world. Not solely are they nocturnal birds that may see at nighttime, however owls are highly effective hunters, famed for his or her exceptional skill to fly in full silence. Not like different birds of their dimension, the distinctive design of an owl’s wings alters the air turbulence which permits them to fly with out making a sound. Owls even have a novel skill to see in nearly any path, which is why they’re revered as a logo of infinite sight.

Myths and legends about these mysterious birds abound in cultures within the Americas and the far East, symbolizing the whole lot from internal knowledge, energy, thriller, dying, to the supernatural. These connotations and their distinctive look make them a preferred tattoo that may are available quite a lot of designs and colours. This text supplies info on the symbolism and historical past of owls and how much tattoo choices are on the market.

What Do Owls Symbolize?

The owl carries many symbolic meanings which fluctuate between cultures. Beneath are just a few of the commonest themes related to these night time creatures.


One of the crucial well-known meanings of an owl is knowledge. Nevertheless, in contrast to mental knowledge, owls are linked with the deeper knowledge of the soul. That is related to historic beliefs about owls being protectors of data from the underworld.

Instinct & Imaginative and prescient

As a result of owls can see at nighttime, they’re related to readability of imaginative and prescient and the flexibility to see previous veils of deception. Owls encourage one to see what’s hidden and to be discerning with different individuals and conditions. They’re additionally symbolic of the flexibility to belief one’s instincts and to see past the floor of issues.

Loss of life & Change

In some traditions, owls are messengers of dying, which, on a broader scale, is related to change. This harps again to occasions when an owl hoot was utilized by tribes to sign the strategy of assault. An owl’s name is subsequently synonymous with impending transformation and the arrival of dying or peril.

The Supernatural

As creatures of the night time, owls are related to the supernatural, notably in folklore traditions. Lengthy considered related with the afterlife, owls characterize entry to the supernatural realms. Their eerie calls within the night time air additionally give them an added sense of thriller.

Owls in Folklore & Mythology

Photographs and tales of owls are plentiful in tribal folklore and spiritual sects. Whereas some cultures see owls in an optimistic manner, others refer to those creatures in a extra ominous method.

Native American Mythology

In Native American traditions, owls are related to knowledge and dying. Believed to be harbingers of sacred information, many tribes related this knowledge with the patterns of time and the secrets and techniques of the afterlife. Some additionally thought that seeing an owl was an indication that their ancestors had been sending messages to them about different tribe members.

Regarding dying, some tribes believed that the bone circles round owls’ eyes signified ghosts and misplaced souls. Others believed that the hoot of an owl was a nasty omen as a result of it meant that the useless accompanied owls of their journey to the afterlife.

Nevertheless, for different tribes such because the Hopi, owls had been used extra as guardians and had been much less related with dying and thriller. In these instances, owls had been extra symbolic of clan id, which is why their pictures had been carved on totem poles.

Celtic Mythology

Celtic traditions have a barely totally different tackle the owl. Regarded extra as a warrior and a guardian of honor, the Celts believed that owls had been a path to underground information. Additionally they believed that these creatures had been robust defenders of honor and reality and that they’d no tolerance for lies or deception. Owls had been additionally symbolic of the traditional Celtic goddess of fertility. That is evidenced by the owl branding on Celtic clothes, notably in knotwork designs, bestiaries, and family ornaments.

Greek Mythology

Maybe probably the most popularized image of an owl is its affiliation with the Greek Goddess of knowledge and warfare, Athena. Based on historic fantasy, Athena all the time had an owl located on her blind facet in order that she may see the entire reality of an occasion or scenario. Owls subsequently accompanied Greek armies into warfare and if any of the troopers noticed one, this was thought of an omen that the Goddess of Conflict was smiling on them. This illustration carried by means of into Historic Greek tradition the place owls had been a logo of upper knowledge and a guardian of the Acropolis.


Like different traditions, the owl within the Bible is revered as a logo of intelligence and knowledge, nevertheless it additionally has just a few unfavorable connotations. Different mentions of owls within the Bible and the Holy Scriptures describe the owl as carnivorous birds that characterize solitude, destruction, mourning, and desolation. So, though owls symbolize knowledge in Christian traditions, its which means is basically ominous.

Frequent Owl Tattoo Themes

For those who’re already satisfied that an owl tattoo is for you, there are a lot of methods you possibly can go about it. Beneath are a few of the extra frequent owl tattoo themes to think about.

Nice Horned Owl

Nice Horned Owls are related to energy, energy, and wonder. Within the wild, they’re recognized for his or her robust grip and fierce skill to defend their territory. Symbolically, the Nice Horned Owl encourages one to stay loyal and stand firmly by their beliefs. This species makes an ideal tattoo due to its enticing distinctive options and horn-like ears.

Snowy Owl

One of the crucial majestic-looking owls is the Snowy Owl. Famed for its lovely white feathered coat, the Snowy Owl is native to North America and the Palearctic, representing class, dignity, and knowledge. In tribal lore, it’s also believed that Snowy Owls carry the knowledge of the Elders and have the flexibility to channel intuitive information. A Snowy Owl could make an impressive tattoo, one which signifies grace and wonder.

Athena Owl

One other model of an owl tattoo is one that includes the Goddess of Conflict. This pairing displays the symbolic mixture of the owl’s skill to see in all instructions, giving Athena entry to the entire reality. A tattoo of Athena and her owl would enchantment to somebody with an internal warrior/warrioress.

Barn Owl

Barn Owls are probably the most well-known species on the earth and are famed for being extremely profitable nocturnal hunters. Only a few species can outcompete a barn owl’s looking prowess and their skill to stay in any human setting — therefore their identify. A Barn owl tattoo can subsequently symbolize calmness, ability, and thriller.

Owl Eyes

Owls are infamous for having the ability to see clearly at nighttime, which makes their eyes a revered image. Whereas owls’ eyes are mounted of their sockets, their skill to show their heads at distinctive angles means they will see in almost each path. Owl eyes on their very own make for a strong tattoo that may signify remark and eager sight.

Tribal Owl

Lengthy related to tribal tradition, the owl is commonly seen as a logo of knowledge, dying, and alter. In some tribes, the owl additionally represents energy and safety and is commemorated as such. Tribal Owl tattoos can take the type of a tribal design or together with symbols corresponding to dream catchers.

Owl & Cranium

One of the crucial ominous symbols of owls is its affiliation with dying. Usually representing the spirits of misplaced souls, owls stand for dying in lots of types. An owl-skull tattoo is thus an expression of this realm and generally is a illustration of mortality.

Mystical Owl

Owls additionally characterize thriller and the supernatural. This carries over into beliefs that owls can channel info from the underworld and are guardians of sacred information. A mystical owl permits for experimentation with intense colours and extra symbols such because the moon and the night time sky.

Getting an Owl Tattoo

With so many symbols and sorts of owl to characterize, there are a variety of choices relating to owl tattoos. Earlier than you embark on getting one, nevertheless, it’s a good suggestion to perform a little research into the sorts of symbols and themes you’d like to precise.

Deciding on the placement of the tattoo can be paramount, as it is going to dictate the scale and scope of the design. Some go for small owl tattoos on the fingers, for instance, whereas others have designs throughout the entire of their arm or chest.

Owls look good in each black and vibrant colours, so it’s price reviewing just a few options to find out what you like. Different choices to think about are whether or not you need the owl to be solitary, with its wings in or outstretched, or mixed with different components corresponding to a tree department.

No matter you determine, take a while along with your tattoo artist to see what they will supply. View as many choices as you possibly can so that you simply’re sure you’ll be pleased with the ultimate product. Have enjoyable designing!

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