Rules when it comes to nail art now a days

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There are no rules when it comes to nail art now a days. You can stick to the very minimal nude or go all out and have a different colour and design for each nail. With Spring among us, it is the perfect time to try on some cool and bright hues to shake off those winter blues. This post post will explore a wide variety for the nail lover in all of us .

For the simple lady

For the simple lady

This lovely look is very professional and office friendly. You can show off your sense of style with doing anything to drastic. This look can be achieved by painting your nails the color of your choice, in this case it is nude, and outlining them with a thin nail art brush with a second color. Viola, you have this hip new style and you didn’t have to leave you home to achieve it.

Who doesn't like the sparkle??
Who doesn’t like the sparkle??

This dazzling nail art is a great statement for the girly girl in every woman. This styling look can be achieved by choosing a base color, again a nude base color was chosen, and gradually build the glitter color starting from about the center of the nail. It takes a little practice but you will soon be a master.

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