Panera Chicken Sandwich

New Panera Chicken Sandwich That’s Selling Out Fast

Once upon a time, a new Panera chicken sandwich came out every week — and that time was last summer The fast-food chicken sandwich wars of 2023 may have arrived and left room for fierce debate among consumers, but it recently became clear that there is at least one chain in the game: Panera Bread.

In late March, the sandwich and soup shop unveiled two stellar-looking Panera bread chicken sandwiches. And not only do they look good, but they’re already sold across the country According to a company spokesperson, Panera sold more than a million of these in just nine days.

Panera Chicken Sandwich

Considered the first “signature take,” a chicken fillet sits atop a bed of greens and Parmesan crepes, followed by Sammy’s brioche bun topped with fresh garlic aioli.

The signature looks great: greens cascade over the bun and the fillets are thick and well-seasoned. After many other new releases, Signature definitely feels more hungry

“Spicy takeout,” meanwhile, is “made for spicy flavored aficionados,” or at least that’s how Panera describes it. This sandwich swaps out the Parmesan crisps with spicy cucumber crisps and uses Panera’s spicy buffalo sauce instead of plain chicken fillet.

It’s not much to see But spicy teak is very tasty, and I mean that in the best way, The semi-sweet bun pairs beautifully with the zingy chicken fillet to create a sweet and spicy combo that makes a big impact at first bite.

As I began to dig in, I finally hit the spicy cucumber slice that was piled in the center of the aioli-slathered bottom of my sandwich. For three or four glorious bites, I got the bun, the aioli, the cucumber crisp, and the spicy chicken, all in one mighty punch. Those bites were enough to sell me on the sandwich

However, the edges of the sandwich were less appealing It was probably the way my sandwich was made, but there was nothing but the bun and chicken when I got it to the edge, making the experience a bit unbalanced.

Now, my signature tech is executed well Although the medium bite was the best, with parmesan crunch and aioli added to the mix, I still got lettuce, buns, and chicken in every bite. The only problem with signing, take? The taste just wasn’t there

This brings me to my point about this new Panera release: Why can’t they just be a sandwich? The spicy take is memorable, exciting, even to the taste, and offers the signature perfectly balanced freshness that every solid Panera chicken sandwich needs. We’re a big fan of this topping at Chicken Sammy, but not sure Panera needs to pull a “pick to” here.

Is the Panera chicken sandwich good?

Panera chicken sandwich makes a pretty darn good with a chicken sandwich! The chicken was perfectly prepared, seasoned well, tender, and juicy. The garlic aioli was delicious but it wasn’t exactly smothered on, it was a bit light-handed in the squeeze bottle application.

Is new Panera’s chicken sandwich fried?

Unlike most of the Panera chicken sandwich war competitors, the Panera chicken sandwich that entrant will not be breaded or fried and will instead feature marinated and seasoned chicken breast on a brioche bun.

Is the Panera chicken sandwich real chicken?

That restaurant, which puts its focus on all-natural ingredients, has introduced its Chef’s Panera Chicken Sandwiches and they offer both a regular and spicy version. The “Spicy Take” on this sandwich includes a chicken breast filet, new garlic aioli sauce, spicy crispy pickle chips, and spicy Buffalo sauce on a brioche roll.
How much is Panera Bread’s new chicken sandwich?

Is the Panera chicken sandwich fried or baked?

No need to worry about deep frying when eating from Panera – their chicken sandwich is cooked in a totally different way. Sous-vide cooking is used, which involves searing the chicken in a pan before it is slowly cooked in vacuum-sealed containers. This makes for a juicy and succulent result!