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Multiplayer ‘DOOM’ Arrives On the Raspberry Pi Pico, a $four Laptop or computer – Overview Geek

by Amelie Smith
Multiplayer ‘DOOM’ Arrives On the Raspberry Pi Pico, a $4 Computer – Review Geek
The Raspberry Pi Basis, Id Computer software package

The $four Raspberry Pi Pico is a smaller-potential microcontroller, sort of like an Arduino board. It is not genuinely meant to play game titles, and specially not 3D titles. But in the spirit of “can it run DOOM,” the Pi Foundation’s Graham Sanderson has ported the original DOOM to the Raspberry Pi Pico. And it performs amazing.

Sanderson’s DOOM port is exceptionally devoted to the original match. It is mostly primarily based on the Chocolate Doom resource port, and it tends to make use of all of the original DOOM Laptop or computer technique WAD information files, in addition the initially music and audio. Fitting all this stuff on the Pi Pico’s 2MB of flash memory demanded a tiny bit of compression, of instruction course, but the activity nevertheless operates at 300×200 resolution (but outputs 1280×1024 video) devoid of a hitch. (Sanderson notes that microcomputers with the Pi Pico’s RP2040 chip genuinely ought to be in a position to run Ultimate Doom and DOOM II.)

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Shockingly, this port in reality supports 4-player multiplayer. And there are not any bizarre suggestions here—just join a handful of private computer systems by means of I2C and you are all set to go.

Sanderson documented the total job in a GitHub writeup, which is very detailed. If you are curious about his compression approach, identified as WHD or “Where’s Fifty % the Information,” I strongly advise scrolling by signifies of that documentation!

All the code for this DOOM port is out there on GitHub. Technically speaking, it need to have to operate on all RP2040 microcomputers with at minimum 2MB of RAM, while I advise taking aspect in it on the Pi Pico. You can grab a Pi Pico now for just $four.

Supply: Raspberry Pi Foundation

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