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Multi-Use Cleaning Pen for AirPods and Earbuds are 53% Off

by Amelie Smith
Multi-Use Cleaning Pen for AirPods & Earbuds

iLounge has a exclusive deal on the Multi-Use Cleansing Pen for AirPods and Earbuds, which permits you to retain your favourite audio accent spick and span and in the greatest doable shape.

What at very first seems to be like a pen opens up and will turn into the very best cleaning resource for your AirPods. It has a flocking sponge to clean the challenging-to-arrive at area of the situation precisely exactly where your earbuds sit, despite the fact that on the other quit the brush head and metallic nib serves to take out dust and wax buildup on the headphones them selves to retain it completely free of charge from minute particles. The cleaning tool will operate on desktops, Bluetooth speakers and smartphones as effectively.

When you are completed you can location the cap back once more and hold the pen neatly on your desk. The Multi-Use Cleaning Pen for AirPods and Earbuds commonly charges $29 when we at iLounge are providing it away for just $13.99. You get 53% off with our deal. Obtain it these days!

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