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Infinity Tattoo Meanings – Oneness, Stability, and the Cycle of Life

by Amelie Smith
Infinity Tattoo Meanings - Oneness, Balance, and the Cycle of Life

The infinity image, recognized in geometry because the lemniscate, is a mathematical signal that represents the idea of infinity – one thing boundless or infinite. At present, the infinity image is usually used to represent the endless cycle of life and has sturdy ties to religion, spirituality, mythology, and far more.

Regardless of its easy design, the that means of the infinity image is profound past perception. A lot in order that it has change into one of the vital common tattoos of the twenty first century. When you’re interested by getting an infinity tattoo, it’s possible you’ll wish to discover out extra about this image and how one can customise it to replicate your intentions and beliefs. On this article, we’ll reveal the wealthy historical past of the infinity image. We’ll additionally clarify how the design and placement of an infinity tattoo can alter its that means.

What Does the Infinity Image Symbolize?

Infinity tattoos are timeless, tasteful, and purposeful. They’re prevalent in practically each tradition and may carry many various meanings. Finally, you’re the one who will get to determine what your infinity tattoo means. Nonetheless, this little image tends to represent the next.

Oneness, Peace, and Stability

The infinity image has sturdy ties to the common legislation of divine oneness. This legislation represents the oneness we really feel once we settle for our place within the cycle of life. An infinity tattoo can remind us that we’re all one, irrespective of how totally different we might act, look, or really feel. In accordance with the legislation of divine oneness, all of humanity is one with God, endlessly. And identical to the infinity image, God’s power is believed to know no house or time.

After we imagine within the legislation of divine oneness, we search to seek out stability and concord inside ourselves and the world round us. The legislation implies that our ideas and actions may cause ripples of change all through the world, educating us to reap what we sow.

The legislation of divine oneness will also be traced again to yoga, an historic and non secular follow that’s rooted in Indian philosophy. Yoga is a follow that goals to attach and stability the bodily, psychological, and non secular elements of 1’s self, and the infinity image mirrors these intentions.

Limitless Love

The infinity image may also stand for everlasting love, representing how limitless it’s within the grand scheme of issues. Identical to the love that soulmates share, the infinity image is aware of no finish or starting.

Infinity tattoos have change into a well-liked strategy to categorical the timeless love between two individuals. Nonetheless, this love doesn’t should be romantic, because the love between dad and mom, siblings, and associates will also be limitless.

Infinite Potentialities

An infinity tattoo may also symbolize the infinite potentialities that the universe has to supply. Those that select to offer this that means to their tattoo might have as soon as believed that they couldn’t accomplish their desires, solely to appreciate that something is feasible.

Reincarnation and Rebirth

Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism are religions that every one have one factor in frequent: they imagine in reincarnation. The distinguished religions of those Japanese cultures usually view the infinity image as a mirrored image of the reincarnation course of. Those that imagine in reincarnation settle for that the soul by no means dies, selecting to be reborn on the finish of each life cycle.

With this in thoughts, an infinity tattoo can function a reminder that we’re all everlasting and endlessly certain by karmic religion. An infinity tattoo may also symbolize rebirth and the energy it takes to finish tumultuous cycles and begin once more from sq. one.

Infinite Knowledge, Luck, and Abundance

The infinity image resembles a horizontal quantity eight. In numerology, the quantity eight is a extremely non secular and fortunate quantity that represents infinite knowledge and bodily abundance. An infinity tattoo could also be chosen by a non secular one that has the quantity 8 as a life path quantity. Those that take into account the quantity 8 to be their fortunate quantity can also choose this tattoo, as it will probably symbolize perpetual luck.

Circle of Life

ouroboros and infinity symbol drawing

Lengthy earlier than the infinity image was common, the Ouroboros image reigned supreme. The Ouroboros is taken into account to be the oldest image in alchemy, because it dates again to historic Egypt. The Ouroboros is depicted by a half white and half black serpent consuming its tail. It will also be represented by a dragon, though that is far much less frequent.

The Ouroboros symbolizes the circle of life, the unity of all issues, and the soul’s dualistic nature. It might additionally categorical the necessity to movement again into one’s self. Since each the Ouroboros and the infinity symbols have related meanings, these fascinated by Historical Egyptian tradition and alchemy might select to mannequin their infinity tattoo after the Ouroboros.

Completely different Infinity Tattoo Meanings

Whereas some individuals benefit from the simplicity of a stand-alone infinity tattoo, others search to embolden this image by including private touches to it. You’ll discover among the most typical infinity tattoo combos and their meanings under.

Infinity Image and a Feather

Maybe one of the vital well-known tattoo combos is considered one of an infinity image and a feather. Feathers are held in excessive regard in lots of Native American cultures as a result of they symbolize belief, honor, knowledge, energy, and energy. Since feathers are likely to fall from the skies, many non secular communities imagine that feathers can join them to their ancestors, spirit guides, and the all-encompassing Creator.

Once you mix a feather and an infinity image right into a single tattoo, you might be confirming that your non secular religion is aware of no bounds. It could additionally signify your infinite connection to the forces of the universe.

Each infinity symbols and feathers have non secular meanings connected to them. Nonetheless, you don’t should be non secular to resonate with this ink duo. When you’d wish to get an infinity and feather tattoo, take into account learning the meanings attributed to totally different fowl feathers to seek out one which resonates with you.

Infinity Symbols and Phrases or Shapes

When you’d wish to dedicate your tattoo to a buddy, pet, member of the family, or cherished one, you possibly can ask your tattoo artist so as to add their identify or initials to your infinity tattoo. By doing this, you’re proclaiming that your love for this individual is everlasting and limitless. Oftentimes, individuals select to grace their infinity tattoo with the identify of a deceased cherished one, as this reminds them that the particular bond they share will stay on endlessly.

You too can select to embellish your infinity tattoo with a phrase or phrase that you simply resonate with, like love, peace, freedom, and so on. Or, you possibly can customise your infinity tattoo by including a form to it, like a coronary heart or a peace signal.

Infinity Image and a Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes femininity, magnificence, freedom, and transformation, whereas the mix of a butterfly and infinity tattoo represents the necessity to constantly revamp and enhance your self. This pairing may also suggest that you’re a sovereign being who has at all times been and can at all times be free. Nonetheless, because the butterfly does have a direct hyperlink to magnificence and femininity, a butterfly and infinity tattoo may be chosen to pay homage to a particular girl in your life, be it your sister, finest buddy, mom, daughter, and so on.

Infinity Image and Flowers

Identical to the butterfly tattoo, a flower tattoo symbolizes femininity and wonder. Nonetheless, a flower tattoo additionally represents love, creation, and devotion. Normally, flower tattoos go hand in hand with romantic relationships. It is because males usually give their romantic pursuits flowers throughout the courting stage. An infinity and flower tattoo mixture is usually a promise of eternal love and devotion between companions.

There are literally thousands of flowering plant species, lots of which have distinctive connotations. So should you’re pondering of pairing up your infinity tattoo with a flower tattoo, you possibly can choose a flower that has a that means that matches up along with your intentions.

An Infinity Cross

A well-liked tattoo amongst non secular individuals is considered one of an infinity cross. An infinity cross tattoo is made up of two infinity symbols, positioned on high of one another to resemble a cross. This tattoo represents God, the Everlasting Being, and stands as a promise of 1’s eternal religion.

Interlocking Infinity Symbols (Double Infinity)

An interlocking infinity tattoo, or a double infinity tattoo, is symbolic of romantic relationships through which two very totally different people select to come back collectively as one. This romantic tattoo represents the union of two souls, who comply with cherish and assist one another for the remainder of their lives and past. Whereas a butterfly, coronary heart, and flower tattoo can signify many several types of love, a double infinity tattoo tends to be reserved for lovers.

Infinity Image and an Animal

The sacred bond that people and animals share is tough to disregard. It’s so sturdy that many individuals determine to tattoo their pet’s names, faces, and paw prints onto their our bodies. Pet homeowners who love their fur infants might even select to include them into their infinity tattoos, signaling that their bond will final endlessly. Nonetheless, you don’t must personal a pet to get an animal tattoo, as many individuals select to include their spirit animals into their ink.

Infinity Tattoo Placement Meanings

The place you select to get your infinity tattoo can have an effect on its total that means. However this shouldn’t cease you from inserting it the place you see match. When you’d like to offer your tattoo a deeper goal, you possibly can at all times select to place it over the next physique components.


The infinity image can signify the infinite potentialities that the universe holds. If the aim of your infinity tattoo is to remind you that your previous doesn’t justify your future and that you would be able to at all times begin anew, it’s possible you’ll take into account inserting it over your hand, wrist, or forearm. Must you select considered one of these places because the resting spot on your infinity tattoo, it will probably function a reminder that your destiny resides in your individual fingers.

When you’d like your infinity tattoo to remind you to remain balanced, grounded, and humble, inserting it over your ankle or foot is a superb selection. This placement is common amongst yoga fans, as it’s customary to follow yoga barefoot.

Marriage ceremony Finger

Many new-age {couples} select to tattoo infinity symbols over their marriage ceremony fingers to display their everlasting love and devotion to their companions. Generally, nonetheless, those that determine to tattoo their marriage ceremony fingers will go for a double infinity image to additional categorical their love.

Getting an Infinity Tattoo

infinity symbol and feather tattoo on outer forearm

Though infinity symbols are sometimes tied to spirituality, you don’t should be non secular to get one. In spite of everything, the infinity image has sturdy ties to eternal love and may merely replicate the bond you share with an in depth buddy, pet, relative, or romantic companion.

When you want further assist crafting up the right infinity tattoo, you possibly can at all times ask a tattoo artist for his or her enter. A superb tattoo artist will have the ability to design an infinity tattoo that embodies the intentions you take into account. When you get inked, be sure you take excellent care of your tattoo by retaining it moisturized in order that it heals shortly and superbly.

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