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How To Avoid Your Scalp From Itching Right after Hair Coloring | 7 Strategies For Minimizing Hair Dye Irritation

by Amelie Smith
How To Prevent Your Scalp From Itching After Hair Coloring

Find out how to protect against your scalp from itching following hair coloring, what’s a hair colour that does not make scalp itch, and how to protect against scalp irritation from hair colour.

Who does not like coloring their hair? Hair dyeing is 1 of the most enjoyable issues you can do. It assists you experiment with unique appears and boosts your self-self-confidence. 

A very good hair coloring job can immediately uplift your appear and make you appear youthful. 

But hair coloring certainly comes with its personal set of side effects. A lot of individuals are sensitive to hair dye and hair coloring which frequently leads to mild and even aggressive reactions. 

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If you have colored your hair a number of instances, you most likely know what I’m speaking about. 

Itching following hair coloring can occur to any person and will leave you scratching your scalp like crazy. 

Hair coloring solutions are formulated with harsh components which can have adverse effects on individuals. Most of us could face some type of sensitivity to hair colour at least when. 

How to protect against your scalp from itching following hair coloring

Itching on the scalp is not the only symptom of PPD hair allergy. You can face other forms of scalp irritations like dandruff, redness, flaking, and so forth. These can also lead to skin sensitivity if you have standard skin. 

So it is essential to take action to protect against this challenge. Some of the most well-known strategies of stopping itching following coloring your hair are:

Do a patch test ahead of applying hair dye

How To Prevent Your Scalp From Itching After Hair Coloring

This is maybe 1 of the most essential strategies in which you can make certain that your hair is not allergic to PPD. 

A patch test is a prerequisite when you are coloring your hair at household, even if you haven’t faced any allergic reactions previously. 

Ideally, the allergy test ought to be completed at least 48 hours ahead of performing the hair colour. 

If you are arranging to do a patch test on oneself, take a coin-sized solution from the formula and activator in the kit and combine it in a bowl.

1 factor that you have to be incredibly cautious with following taking the solutions for testing is the packaging. Hair dyeing solutions can get oxidized truly quickly.  

So it is essential to make certain that the formula and the activator are concealed airtight following taking some solution for testing. Otherwise, the whole contents in the pack could be deemed worthless. 

The formula also consists of many active components that will at some point quit operating if you do not seal the caps tightly. 

When you are testing hair colour, you test it in your skin and not on the strands. This is since the side effects from hair coloring are frequently brought on when it comes into speak to with the skin. 

Take a toothbrush or an earbud to apply it on your skin, preferably on the back of your neck or your ears. You only have to apply a tiny dot. 

Leave it on for 48 hours to verify for any problems. This is since allergic reactions can happen anyplace involving 48 hours so you do not want to jump to conclusions with out providing it some time. 

If you knowledge any type of unfavorable reactions like itching, redness, and so forth, you will most likely get a unfavorable reaction to the hair dye. 

In this case, it is advised to wash it off right away to keep away from any escalations. Otherwise, you are very good to go. 

Choose hair dyes for sensitive skin

best hair color for itchy scalp

There are so quite a few unique hair dyes readily available in the market place that cater to a variety of wants of your hair.

Just like sensitive scalp shampoo and conditioners, you will also obtain sensitive scalp hair dyes that are much less probably to bring about an allergic reaction. 

It is essential to do your share of analysis ahead of picking a hair dye brand.  Hair dye allergies can even develop into serious so it is essential to take precautions. 

It is greatest to pick hair dyes that are totally free of components like ammonia, peroxide, and PPD. 

Wash your hair correctly though rinsing hair dye

why does my scalp itch a day after washing

 A lot of itching following a hair colour could be brought on by residues on your scalp. If your hair colour does not get washed correctly, it could lead to a lot of irritations. 

So you have to make certain that your scalp is squeaky clean following hair coloring. Use gentle cleanses to rid your hair of any solution residues. 1 of my favored shampoos to use post hair coloring is:

In case you have scalp irritation following utilizing hair colour, it is greatest to keep away from harsh hair solutions, hair sprays, dry shampoos, and so forth to give your scalp some time to heal. Otherwise, it could additional aggravate your situation. 

Hydrate your hair correct following hair coloring

how to treat itchy scalp after hair dye

The crucial to healthful hair is hydration. If your hair is hydrated sufficient, it can make a lot of immunity against such problems. One more purpose why hydration is essential is that dryness of the scalp can frequently lead to itching and flaking on the scalp. 

The harsh components in your hair coloring solutions can strip off the oils in your hair and dry up your scalp. So it is essential to make certain that your hair remains hydrated ahead of and following coloring.

 The greatest way to combat dryness is by performing a hair oil therapy. You can use oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, and so forth to do this. 

Apply the oil generously all more than your scalp and wait for at least 30 minutes ahead of washing it off. You can also use a hair mask rather of oil therapy to present intense hydration to your hair. 

You ought to also incorporate a colour-secure conditioner into your hair care routine to make certain that there is sufficient moisture in your hair.

Cut down the usage of heat tools if you are coloring hair frequently

scalp irritation from hair color

It is essential to give your hair and scalp time to heal and renew following a chemical therapy. So it is greatest to steer clear of heat tools for some time. 

Heat tools can also lead to dehydration which will contribute to itching. Even if you are utilizing heat tools, make certain to use a heat protection solution generously ahead of styling. 

Speak to your colorist to obtain out the bring about of itching

hair color that doesn t make scalp itch

You will not probably do a patch test if you are having your hair colored from the salon. This is why a lot of individuals get poor reactions to colour. 

But you have to speak to your colorist and repair an appointment two days ahead of the actual hair coloring date to do a patch test with the solutions he/ she will be utilizing to colour your hair. 

This will hold you on the safer side and aid in avoiding scalp itching. A lot of individuals shy away from communicating their thoughts with their hairdressers but it is particularly essential for your security. 

What causes itching following hair coloring?

1 of the most popular side effects of hair coloring is an itchy scalp. This could occur to any person, even if you haven’t seasoned it ahead of. 

This challenge is commonly brought on by an ingredient named paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which is usually discovered in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. 

When this substance becomes oxidized, it leads to sensitive reactions in the customers. But these reactions are largely mild. 

If you have prior experiences with hair colour allergic reactions, it is far better to do a patch test ahead of going all out given that it could bring about some severe problems. 

Your at-household hair coloring kits could not include PDP explicitly. But there are other components like toluene-two, five-diamine sulfate, also recognized as PTD that will give you related reactions. 

Take a closer appear at the components list and you will certainly obtain the culprits. PTD can bring about the similar allergic reactions as PPD so it is essential to do a patch test. 

Other components that could be a trigger for hair dye allergies involve:


Despite the fact that this can be a bring about of be concerned, in particular for individuals with a sensitive scalp, there are unique strategies in which you can protect against this.

If you would like to know much more, verify out the 5 issues you can do to make certain that you are not left with an itchy scalp following coloring. 

Final Thoughts On Stopping An Itchy Scalp Right after Hair Coloring

Your hair will require some time to recover from a chemical therapy. So these problems could take some time to subside. 

But if they do not subside inside 5 to seven days, you ought to seek advice from a licensed healthcare practitioner who can aid you with it. 

Itching following hair dye can even be a symptom of dermatitis so a healthcare practitioner can aid in diagnosing this and providing you the correct therapy program. 

Hair dyeing ought to be enjoyable, and with these guidelines your hair coloring sessions is hopefully not a mess!

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