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How to Pause Audio on Apple AirPods

by Amelie Smith
How to Pause Audio on Apple AirPods


If you use Apple’s AirPods, you do not have to arrive at for your phone to engage in or pause your audio. You can use your AirPods’ crafted-in tunes controls to do that, and we’ll clearly show you how.

With Apple’s AirPods Qualified and AirPods 3rd era, you can engage in and pause songs out of the box (with out owning to configure every little thing). On the AirPods 1st and 2nd technologies, you will have to configure an decision just just before you can use the play/pause functionality.

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Pause Music Operating with AirPods Qualified or AirPods 3rd Generation

If you use Apple’s AirPods Pro or AirPods 3rd era, all you have to do is press your AirPods to pause or participate in your new music.

To use it, even though you are playing a new music file on your cell telephone, push the energy sensor on the stem of your AirPod.

Press the force sensor on the stem of AirPod.Apple Guidance

Your tunes will pause. To resume it, press the quite similar drive sensor however once more.

And that is all. Very valuable!

Pause Music on AirPods 1st and 2nd Technologies

With AirPods 1st and 2nd era, you can pause and love songs by just tapping your AirPods. Just just before you can do that, nonetheless, you will have to configure the faucet action for your AirPods from your Iphone.

To do that, even though your AirPods are connected to your Apple iphone, get started the Settings app on your Apple iphone.

In Configurations, tap “Bluetooth” to entry your units.


On the “Bluetooth” web site, up coming to your AirPods, choose the “i” icon.


On the AirPods net web page, in the “Double-Tap AirPod” portion, pick the AirPod that you’d like to use to execute or pause your songs. You can pick possibly AirPod.

Select the

On the following show screen, make a decision on the “Play/Pause” option. This assigns the play-and-pause motion to the double-tap gesture on your AirPod.

Then, go back once more to the previous show screen by tapping “Back” in the major-nevertheless left corner.


And you are all established. From now on, when you demand to pause or play your tunes, all you have to do is double-faucet your picked AirPod. Get pleasure from!

Like this, there are other AirPods choices that you may perhaps want to transform to get the most out of your Bluetooth earbuds. Appear at out our guide to discover what folks options are.

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