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How to Move Your Cursor Without the need of a Mouse on a Mac

by Amelie Smith
How to Move Your Cursor Without a Mouse on a Mac
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If your Mac’s touchpad or mouse stops functioning, or if a cellular incapacity is impairing your movement, you can allow a function that enables you use your keyboard to deal with the cursor on your show.

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How to Assistance Mouse Keys on Mac

Related to going your cursor devoid of a mouse on Residence windows 11, you are going to call for to empower Mouse Keys ideal ahead of you are equipped to commence. 1st, merely click the Apple icon in the menu bar, and then choose “System Preferences” from the fall-down menu.

Select System Preferences.

Upcoming, select the “Accessibility” resolution.

Click Accessibility.

In the left-hand pane of the subsequent monitor, scroll down to the Motor group and choose “Pointer Regulate.”

Select Pointer Control.

Click the “Alternate Command Methods” tab and then verify out the box subsequent to “Enable Mouse Keys” to adjust on the element.

Turn on the mouse keys feature.

Mouse Keys is now enabled. You can personalize a couple of of products in advance of you start out functioning with it, even though. To do so, merely click “Options” following to the element.

Click Options.

This screen presents a couple of options for you to opt for from. The significant two alternatives lets you push the “Option” important on your keyboard 5 instances to toggle Mouse Keys on and off, as completely as disable the trackpad when Mouse Keys is enabled.

You can also established the initial delay, which is the sum of time it commonly requires the cursor to respond at the time you push a very important, and the highest pace, which is how swiftly the cursor moves.

Mouse Keys options.

As soon as you have set these alternatives to your liking, push “OK” to shut the window.

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Shifting the Cursor

Right here are the keys you need to have to have to push to shift the cursor. Urgent and maintaining the keys will make your cursor shift faster.

Cursor Course
Very important


K (two if functioning with numeric keyboard)

U (four if employing numeric keyboard)

O (six if employing numeric keyboard)

Up and nevertheless left

Up and acceptable

Down and nevertheless left
J (1 if applying numeric keyboard)

Down and right
L (three if using numeric keyboard)

Clicking Merchandise

Here’s how to click with either the essential or secondary mouse buttons.

Mouse button

i (or five on numeric keyboard)

Command + M ( on numeric keyboard)

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Dragging and Dropping Goods

You can also drag and drop points with Mouse Keys.


Drag an item
Hover your cursor more than the item and push M ( on numeric keyboard). Promptly immediately after that, use the keys to go the cursor to drag the item.

Fall an item
Navigate to the spot on the screen that you would like to fall the item and then press Period of time (.).

Mouse Keys has been about for a even though and is nevertheless a terrific accessibility attribute on Mac. On the other hand, Mac is continuously searching for at methods to enhance accessibility on its program. Not a admirer of Mouse Keys? Test functioning with your deal with and head to regulate your Mac.

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