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Gems and stones have been believed to hold metaphysical properties, alter our moods, and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. Here, the most popular stones and the powers they’re thought to possess, from encouraging fertility and boosting creativity to warding off naysayers and negative energy.

Jewelry Collection


Properties: Courage, luck, and inner peace. If public speaking is so not your jam, might we suggest toting this sea-blue gem to your next big presentation? Aquamarine is said to usher in feelings of self-love, calm, and guidance, and to dispel nerves—the perfect cocktail for those on the shier end of the spectrum. And though traveling with something so valuable can be a bit of a gamble, it should be noted that this gem also offers luck and protection particularly to those on the go.


Properties: Success, money, and inspiration. You may want to populate your office desk with these yellow stones, since they’re all about personal growth and prosperity. But while professional success (and an influx of cash) is certainly all well and good, this energy can also extend to less tangible pursuits as well: The gem might provide a strike of inspiration during a creative rut, for example, or help with any relationships that need a bit of smoothing over.


Properties: Relationships, love, and mental clarity. It’s the strongest gemstone, so it’s only fitting that diamonds are said to bond people together (and not just because they’re so pretty). And strength is not the only physical element that shares a dual metaphysical benefit—all that multifaceted light bodes well for intellectual and emotional enlightenment. In other words, if you’re feeling foggy with decision-making, a diamond might help clear things up.


Properties: Love, intuition, and abundance. That signature green hue represents rebirth and personal growth—and okay, a little cash, too. But while money can’t buy you love, emeralds might get you both—the gemstone is actually most associated with the Heart Chakra. Many also believe it can enhance memory and intuition.


Properties: Manifestation, health, and protection. The word garnet might have you seeing red, but the truth is the stone comes in virtually all colors, each with its own set of metaphysical properties. Still, that common scarlet hue might serve as a reminder of its purported powers: Red garnets are closely associated with the primordial fire, driving all passion, energy, and creativity swiftly forward towards manifestation. (And since they’re also a powerful aphrodisiac, you can take that line of thinking as literally as you’d like.) As for the rest of the rainbow, all garnets are natural purifiers: they’ll cleanse away and offer protection from any negative energy that stands in your way. The gem is also nicknamed “the stone of health,” and is thought to encourage physical wellness and strength—though we’d recommend supplementing this belief with a healthy diet and exercise, just to be sure.


*Most common types of jade (jadeite and nephrite) are generally low-priced, but desirable varieties like Burma jade are extremely valuable.

Properties: Balance, luck, and health. Like many other stones on this list, Jade is a bit misunderstood: We know it best for its green hue, but it also occurs in lavender, red, black, yellow, and white. On the other hand, perhaps its most famous color is so famous because of its lucky charm status: People have believed in the green stone’s power to cultivate an abundance of health and divine energy for centuries. But that’s not to say it won’t see you to your successes—a symbol of luck and manifestation, giving jade a rub might put your goals on the path to fruition. Green crystals are also often said to purify and balance the Heart Chakra, allowing the wisdom that emotions are important, but can also cloud proper judgment. But don’t necessarily feel tempted to discriminate: In all hues, Jade is a stone of the greater good, protecting any noble pursuits from negativity and harm.


Properties: Creativity and inspiration. Fun fact: Opals naturally contain large amounts of water. What this means on a metaphysical level is that these stones are all about going with the flow—you can rebound and move forward in spite of obstacles. And as for those iridescent colors that dance and change with the light? View them as a metaphor for spontaneity, creativity, and inspiration—and just a bit of unpredictability. Yep—this is truly your YOLO stone.


Properties: Calm, honesty, and femininity. Pearls are as pure and earnest as they look—they encourage openness, bring truths to light, and supposedly quell destructive behaviors. If you’re aiming to get in touch with your inner goddess, you might also try keeping these around. Plus, they’re also incredibly versatile—our fellow editors at ELLE China love using pearl powder to make skin shine, and—who knew?—it’s so chock full of calcium, trace minerals, and amino acids, many people tout taking it orally.


Properties: Energy, courage, and love. Interestingly enough, rubies are essentially just red sapphires—they both come from the stone Corundum; the moniker “sapphire” just represents  all hues aside from red. (Geology lesson over.) That being said, rubies are considered to be one of the most powerful stones, packed with a fire that connects directly to the Root Chakra (the very base of your body’s energy flow). If you’re feeling at all lethargic in pursuits of the mind or body, this is the stone to covet: It’ll boost stamina in all aspects of your life. This includes the bedroom—rubies are believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.


Properties: Balance, calm, health, and honesty. If you’re feeling anxious, burnt out, or just generally out-of-whack, topaz could very well be your crystalline cure-all. This very versatile stone is said to realign the meridians—or energy points—of the body, relieve tension, and keep emotions in check. If you think it’s time to practice some tough self-love, stock up on the blue version of these gems, which are believed to stimulate honesty and clear communication with oneself and others.

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