Clothing Styles

There are many clothing styles to choose from and options have only grown more varied in the history. Clothing choices may vary depending on your style or the occasion. Culture can also affect clothing styles. Find out here several interesting types and styles, which may include historical fashions and modern choices.

1. Formal Style

Formal style refers to clothes that are suited to formal events like formal dinner, debutante cotillion, dance or wedding. For the Western formal style, the clothes are characterized by black and white clothes. This style had spread to several other countries. In men, the formal style is tailcoat, formal trouser, waistcoat, bow tie, stiff-fronted shirt, cufflinks and black shoes. In women, the formal styles are evening gowns, ball gowns and wedding dress. Take a look at some stunning celebrities’ formal style on red carpet or stage, including Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto, Leonardo Di Caprio…

Clothing Style

2. Casual Style

One of the most common clothing styles is casual style. Casual style puts emphasis on personal expression and comfort. Casual style is often considered as informal or can be described as suited in everyday use. Jeans and T-shirt have been described as the most casual. In 1980’s Madonna had influenced casual style as she introduced jewelry, cosmetics and lace to casual wear. Today, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr and Ashley Tisdale show us how to wear a casual style. Yeah, they all put shirts around their waists. This is casual enough!

Casual Style

3. Trendy Style

Trendy style refers to the latest and up to date fashion. You can say that you have a trendy style when you only wear clothes that are considered “what’s in”. Celebrity fashions, fashion designers and fashion magazines often influence trendy styles. A trendy style means popular prints, colors and styles both in accessories and in clothes. Handbags, jewelry and shoes also play an important part in the wardrobe. Here are Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham and Emma Stone’s eye-catching street styles!

Trendy Style

4. Retro Style

Retro style pertains to new things that focused on the characteristics of the past. The retro style ranges from fashion, which feature the clothes from 1940 to 1990. The clothing of retro style includes accessories and garments that are often worn in an exaggerated way. Examples of retro style are leather handbags from the 50’s, bell-bottom jeans, big sunglasses, funky jackets and poodle skirts. Chiffon scarves, small neckties and skinny jeans are also included in retro style. Look at January Jones and Scarlett Johansson’s fashionable retro style.

Retro Style 1

5. Sporty Style

Sporty style is considered as the main contribution of America in the history of fashion design. Sporty style is a clothing design that specifically designed for participants that join in sporting pursuits. To have a sporty style, men can wear jackets and loose pants. For women, light colored pencil skirts, sleek tops and bomber jackets are great to show your sporty style. Likewise, a tailored blazer, tennis style skirt with cool sneakers is great for sporty style. Let’s learn how to wear the coolest sporty style from Rihanna and Jennifer!

Sporty Style


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