26 Life Hacking Clothing & Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

Clothing & Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know about this field of fashion that is very amazing, but can be quite frustrating – especially when fashion incidents happen, like sweat stains, Choosing Necklines, Hiding bra strap etc…etc… Don’t worry we have collected a list of clothing and  fashion tips .Let’s start our ride with images

  1. Scarf Tying Ideas

scarf tie

  1. Hide Your Bra Straps

zzzz0002 STRAP


3. Choosing Pendants For Necklines

Print4. Use Moleskin To Fix Your Bra



Moleskin is Similar to a soft fabric with one sticky side.just a great temporary solution for a protruding underwire.


5. Fold Your Lingerie Smartly


6. Wear a Fitting Tank Top Between Your Shirt and Sweater


7. Pick a New Belt Wearing Style


8. Smart Trick for Fold Sleevessleeves

9. Stretch Your Tight Shoes


10. Use Your Old Sweater


11. Make Your Own Cap Toe Shoe


12. Make Your Shoes Waterproof


Everyone loves canvas shoes simply because they’re so light and breathable! But they dont have any protection from elements.This is easy trick using beeswax that can waterproof your shoes.

13. Hang Clothes Like A Smart Person


14. Removing Red Wine Stain

Womans hand reaching for spilled glass of red wine on carpet

Imagine Red wine jumps out of your glass and onto your shirt,what will you do now here is the solution you need a quick way to neutralize the stain. Just pour a little bit of white wine on there so the red wine doesn’t set in.

­­­­­­­­15. Get Ride Of Lint Ball


How to remove lint ball from your sweater?Just rub your pill swarmed sweater using a pumice stone,and after that start using a lint roller to pick out them up A disposable razor also is useful on tighter knit fabrics.

16. Remove Chewing Gum From Your Clothes


The idea is to get the gum as cold as you possibly can. This hardens it and makes it simpler to only remove.

17. Air Dry Your Bras


18. Double Clothes Hangers


19. Remove Yellow Sweat Stain


And my favorite clothing & fashion tips : Have a normal water bottle handy within your laundry room filled with fresh lemon juice and spray any areas of your white clothes which are prone to sweat stains before you place them in the wash.

20. Fold Your T-shirt To Organize easlily


21. Stretching Jeans To Fit


*Instructions: First, get your jeans damp. You can even put them on and then sit in the tub for a few minutes. This eliminates the process of trying to get them on while they’re wet. Or, give the areas that are too tight a good spray with a spray bottle. Now wear them around the house for about 30 minutes doing lots of stretching, lunges, squats and perhaps some yoga poses. Now that you’ve gotten a good work out in (that’s just a bonus), take them off and let them hang dry. Repeat that process again once they are dry. You should now be able to breath a little easier!

*Stretching Them Length Wise: If you want to stretch them length wise, get them damp, lay them on the floor, put your foot down on the waist side to hold them down, and then grab the bottom of one of the legs and pull it firmly towards your body about 10 times. Repeat this process for the other leg.

22. How To “Unshrink” Your Clothes


Click here for full instruction

23. Clever Zipper Solution

Clothing & Fashion Tips with Jeans

24. Revamping Your Leather Boots

soap and cloth - salt stain one b

25. Free Your Stuck Zipper

Clothing tips

26. Fix Your Loose Button Smartly

Clothing & Fashion Tips
Clothing & Fashion Tips

Apply clear nail polish over loose buttons on Clothing & Fashion Tips



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