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Can You Get Box Braids On Straight Hair?

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What Happens if The Braids Are Painfully Tight

Can I Get Box Braids On My Straight Hair?

Yes, you can! As far as your straight hair is long adequate to be braided and held on (commonly at minimum a few inches), you can get fantastic box braids.

Braiding on straight hair can be a obstacle for some hairstylists that are not made use of to dealing with this type of hair. It’s like attempting to sew silk with a leather-based stitching equipment.

But of training course, we are not devices, so people can adapt to diverse hair styles. When the braiders are not expert adequate with this silky and very small texture, they might feel like straight hair slips out of their hands or like the artificial extension slips out of the straight hair.

The answer is not to knot and tighten excessively but to grab the extension from the roots, wherever the hairs occur jointly, as superior as doable – with out slipping – and with no remaining too tense.


What Happens if The Braids Are Painfully Tight?

What Happens if The Braids Are Painfully Tight

That is the most harming issue about box braids. If this happens, the finest thing you can do, for the overall health of your hair is to unbraid it immediately.

If you simply cannot shift a braid from a person facet to one more for the reason that of pain, you will do it when sleeping or dressing up, and it’s possible all individuals tensed hairs will just break and might split up with you eternally mainly because, guess what? You harm them far too considerably. And that’s likely to crack your coronary heart far too.

For this cause, it is superior to fail to remember about the value and the time expended and do what serves you most, so you can have a next check out and discover from the prior working experience.

I know, some people today are studying not to have box braids ever again, but the fact is, you can have healthy, wonderful, and soreness-free of charge braids. You should also know how extensive you can assume your box braids to last.


What if My Hair Is Straight and Slender? Can I Continue to Have Superior-On the lookout Box Braids?

box braids on straight hair

Box Braids (Product Inashan, Photographer Jeissi Fanchin, ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

Of course! And this is much more a make any difference of geometry than the amount of artificial hair extensions added.

If you really do not want to see vacant areas among your braids, the hair need to be parted in this sort of a way that every single braid handles the space between the some others under. On the best of your head, you will have the thinnest paths.

Really don’t be concerned, specialist braiders can deal with a lot of hair types and remedy these minimal issues.


Why Do Some People today Say Box Braids Are Not for Straight Hair?

You will hear quite a few individuals say that box braids are for curly hair only, not for ones with straight hair.

There are two principal motives behind this.

The first and aim a person is due to the fact of the particularities of this form of hair, and box braiders who don’t want to offer with it or manufactured a negative deal hoping in the completely wrong way to deal with the extension with out slipping, and so they obtained complaints. Also, the complainers will not propose it.

The next purpose, the subjective and delicate just one, is about the Black culture.

Of course, it’s not uncomplicated to have on that afro hair form prolonged and no cost. It is just about not possible to brush it effectively, and if you do, it will not persist, it requirements devoted items to be utilised in purchase to make it softer or less fluffy, and so on.

For this motive, braids are a authentic launch for afro-haired people today. Braids can be stylish or as very simple as attainable (indeed, I know, they continue to look attractive), but it is not about manner. Braids are extra like a necessity for afro hairs.

On the other hand, there’s a whole lot of debate if white men and women carrying box braids need to depend as cultural appropriation, straight hair individuals performing it only for manner, disrespecting Afro lifestyle. I could not disagree extra, and I necessarily mean this in the most respectful and thoughtful way.

Appear what may well, there is no other hairstyle that you can maintain for so long without redoing it in the early morning. There is almost nothing else that can make you cease brushing or styling your straight hair every single working day.

You just wake up like this – flawless. And what is much more, for straight and oily hair, it can even support generate much less sebum because in these box-braids, hair can be washed considerably less than usual, and when unbraided after two months, the everyday clean demand from customers will vanish!

Also, if you got a terrible haircut, these hairstyles can remedy this challenge and even make your hair develop back faster. It’s a issue of practicality.

box braids for straight fine hair

Most importantly, I personally really like these afro-system hairstyles for their exceptional properties. I fully acknowledge in which they occur from, the name by itself suggests it, we all confess that these are afro braids, we recognize the origins of these hairdos, and we’re quite grateful for them.

We must are living in a cost-free globe now, and today’s braided persons, irrespective of race, need to have almost nothing to do with slavery or well-liked society any more.

They really don’t put on unique designs to show their tribe, amounts, or any messages. They basically dress in it due to the fact it is a superior, realistic, versatile, and interesting possibility even though appreciating its cultural roots.

Box braids are a symbol of flexibility, equality, and consideration, as they’ve managed to cross any borders, bringing all men and women together in their appreciate for every single other, for their dissimilarities, for their specific features and for their hair.


I hope I managed to offer as significantly comprehending as doable and really do not forget about, straight hair also enjoys afro-braids!

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