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Chook Tattoo Meanings to Know Earlier than You Get Inked

by Amelie Smith
Bird Tattoo Meanings to Know Before You Get Inked

Birds are a marvel of nature. They don’t seem to be shackled to the earth like people, however as a substitute, have the flexibility to fly up into the sky. It’s no marvel that for hundreds of years, we now have been completely fascinated by them.

There are about ten thousand completely different species of birds on our little planet, and much more legendary and extinct ones. Totally different birds encourage completely different ideas and feelings, in order that they symbolize plenty of completely different concepts.

There’s loads you possibly can say with a chicken tattoo, so on this article, we are going to look at all of the completely different meanings a chicken tattoo can have. We’ll discover what these tattoos imply usually, after which talk about extra particular meanings primarily based on the kind of chicken or the opposite parts within the tattoo.

What Do Chook Tattoos Imply in Normal?

Chook tattoos can have a variety of meanings, out of which freedom is by far probably the most overarching. Nonetheless, a chicken tattoo might be linked to different symbolic ideas, as effectively, so we’ll discover all of them on this part.

Freedom and Independence

In contrast to people, birds should not restricted to the earth. Your entire sky is their area, which is why chicken tattoos typically symbolize freedom, particularly if the chicken within the tattoo is mid-flight.

Freedom, in itself, is a fancy idea that connects with a variety of concepts. For one particular person, freedom would possibly imply being a person who doesn’t should reply to anybody else, whereas for others, it may possibly relate to their emancipation from the systemic oppression they undergo.

We might be free to do one thing, or we might be free from one thing. Within the non secular sense, it may be the liberty from earthly needs. The gorgeous factor about chicken tattoos is that they’ll symbolize no matter freedom you want or need to have fun.

Connection to the Heavens

For individuals who are extra spiritual or non secular, a chicken tattoo can symbolize your connection to God or the divine. The symbolism, as soon as once more, comes from flight. Birds can stroll on the earth and fly within the heavens, to allow them to act as messengers for God.

This idea of birds as messengers or connecting vessels might be separated from particular religions, to allow them to even be seen as creatures that join us to the universe and even with different realities.

Fearlessness and Functionality

Flying by way of the sky is liberating, however to us people, it’s additionally terrifying. Going on the market all by ourselves, with none security web ought to we fall, requires an intense degree of bravery and self-assuredness.

That’s why a chicken tattoo doesn’t solely symbolize independence, but it surely additionally represents the fearlessness and functionality an individual has to muster with the intention to enterprise out into the world freely.

Perspective and Knowledge

A flying chicken can look at a scenario from each attainable angle. For that motive, birds can symbolize a shift in perspective and the knowledge that comes with it. It is a very cerebral and distinctive chicken tattoo that means, so whereas it’s not generally ascribed, it may be very highly effective and profound.

The That means of Chook Tattoos by Species

Past the fundamental meanings of chicken tattoos, it’s additionally necessary to contemplate the that means of every particular person chicken species or kind. The next birds are particularly fashionable in tattoo motifs, however each sends out a barely completely different message.

Swallow Tattoo That means

old-school swallow tattoo

The candy little swallow is a standard ingredient within the old-school sailors and navy tattoos. The swallow’s northward migration sample symbolizes the gap {that a} sailor has traveled in his life, with every swallow tattoo representing 5000 nautical miles traveled.

Since swallows observe the identical migration sample yr after yr, they’ll additionally symbolize the return dwelling. Nowadays, we predict vacationers of all kinds can undertake this beautiful chicken as a logo of their wanderlust or homecoming.

Dove Tattoo That means

dove tattoo sketch

A dove tattoo can have a couple of meanings which might be fairly completely different from one another. First, it may possibly have Biblical connotations, since a dove with an olive department in its beak was Noah’s sign that the flood was ending. Within the New Testomony, the dove can also be a logo of the Holy Spirit. Through the years, it has additionally come to symbolize peace and pacifism.

Sure dove species mate for all times, so dove tattoos can even symbolize love and constancy. They’re a stunning selection if you wish to commemorate a wedding. This concept can also be strengthened by historical past, since doves have been a logo of the traditional Mesopotamian goddess of affection, Inanna. These birds are additionally related to innocence, particularly in the event that they’re designed as a white tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo That means

tribal eagle tattoo

For the reason that eagle is a chicken of prey, it makes for a really highly effective tattoo. It’s an imposing creature that, along with freedom, additionally symbolizes power and braveness. It flies greater than most different birds, which is why it’s thought-about the creature that’s closest to God by a number of Native American tribes.

The eagle can also be a patriotic image, and never only for Individuals. Whereas the bald eagle is the nationwide chicken of the US, nations like Germany, Mexico, the Philippines, Scotland, and others even have eagles (albeit of various species) as their nationwide chicken. In different phrases, in case you select an eagle tattoo, you don’t should really feel such as you’re aligning your self with a selected nation.

Raven or Crow Tattoo That means

raven tattoo sketch

In case you love Edgar Allen Poe, then a raven tattoo is perhaps for you. Ravens and crows, due to their black feathers, are normally related to all issues darkish and macabre. They’ll symbolize loss and loss of life, in addition to a connection to the spirit world.

Blackbird Tattoo That means

blackbird tattoo sketch

Just like the ravens and crows, blackbirds are additionally typically related to loss of life and darkness, though not as incessantly and with a much less macabre connotation. As a substitute, they’re extra mysterious and even magical, with a lovely track that provides to their attraction.

For followers of the Beatles, a blackbird tattoo might be associated to the message of perseverance within the track Blackbird, which is usually tied to the Civil Rights motion.

Phoenix Tattoo That means

phoenix tattoo design

Regardless of being fully fictional, the phoenix continues to be a particularly fashionable chicken for tattoo aficionados. In mythology, after the phoenix dies (normally by going up in flames), it’s reborn once more from its personal ashes. The phoenix experiences an fascinating kind of immortality because it goes by way of the cycle of life time and again.

Phoenix tattoos normally concentrate on rebirth, representing renewal and transformation. They’re meant to mark life occasions which might be so necessary that they’ve made the tattoo wearer a model new one that, just like the phoenix, has risen from the ashes of their outdated self. Nonetheless, a phoenix tattoo can even symbolize the cyclical nature of life, resilience, start, or loss of life.

Crane Tattoo That means

crane tattoo design

Cranes are a preferred motif in Japanese mythology and artwork, in order that they’re particularly widespread in Japanese tattoos. Historically, cranes symbolize a long-life and luck, because the Japanese used to consider the birds may stay for 1000 years.
origami crane sketch

Making origami cranes is a very talked-about exercise in Japan, and there’s a fable that the one that folds 1000 paper cranes will obtain a want from a crane. After WWII, paper cranes turned a logo of peace and therapeutic, following the exceptional story of Hiroshima sufferer Sadako Sasaki, who folded 1000 of them earlier than her loss of life.

Owl Tattoo That means

colorful owl tattoo sketch

Owls are intently related to the Greek goddess of knowledge, Athena, which is why they’re seen as clever and erudite. They’re typically used to represent scholarship, and so they have change into a preferred tattoo selection for avid readers or anybody who values information.

Hummingbird Tattoo That means

hummingbird tattoo on chest

Small, energetic, and lovely, the hummingbird is a well-liked chicken tattoo for younger ladies. It’s typically paired with flowers, that are its supply of meals, in fairly and colourful tattoo designs.

The hummingbird has the exceptional means to fly in each path, however its fixed motion takes up plenty of vitality, which is why it should drink flower nectar a minimum of 50 instances a day. That’s why hummingbird tattoos can have a few meanings directly: they’ll symbolize pleasure and happiness in addition to perseverance and survival.

Birds and Different Parts

woman with a bird tattoo

By including extra parts to your chicken tattoo, you possibly can refine or change its that means to inform your most genuine story.

Chook at Flight

A tattoo of a chicken at flight is at all times highly effective. It’s a tattoo with motion, and it portrays the chicken’s most defining and dramatic means.

Perching Chook

A tattoo of a perching chicken can be way more calm and peaceable than a tattoo of a chicken in motion, so it may possibly symbolize the need for relaxation and self-care.

Chook and Cage

bird flying out of cage

A chicken in a cage is a tragic image of being constrained and shackled when one needs to be free. It makes for a really stunning but melancholy design. Then again, a tattoo of a chicken flying out of a cage expresses the alternative—it’s a dramatic image of emancipation.

A number of Birds

tattoo with multiple flying bird

Most birds should not solitary creatures. They stay, forage, and migrate in teams. They depend on one another for survival, because it’s a lot tougher for predators to assault an entire group of birds than it’s to assault a solitary one.

Due to that, a tattoo with a number of birds can symbolize a connection to different folks in your life. The birds may even symbolize particular folks you like, alive or useless.

A Flock of Birds

A tattoo of a flock of birds could make for a really spectacular piece, particularly as a sleeve or throughout the shoulders. It doesn’t should have a selected that means, however we predict it may very well be an exquisite method of expressing your connection to your neighborhood.

Two Birds

Since so many species of birds mate for all times (and as much as 90% pair bond, even when it’s not for all times), a tattoo with two birds normally represents romantic love. Doves are the most typical selection for tattoos about love or relationships, however from cranes to puffins, there are numerous different pair-bonding chicken species price contemplating.

Three Birds

The quantity three has immense symbolic significance, and it’s additionally very aesthetically pleasing, so tattoos of three birds are widespread. You’ll be able to affiliate them with the divine, or they are often your reminder that “each little factor is gonna be alright” similar to within the Bob Marley track.

Dandelion and Chook Tattoo

dandelion and birds tattoo sketch

The dandelion and chicken tattoo motif has change into very talked-about. It’s a fantastical tattoo the place a dandelion’s scattered seeds remodel right into a tiny flock of birds. Because it’s a comparatively new mixture in tattooing, it doesn’t have a selected that means, so those that select to get it accomplished can imbue it with their very own symbolism.

Take Flight

Birds are stunning, fascinating creatures with talents and habits that may be imbued with plenty of that means and symbolism. That’s why chicken tattoos are so fashionable! Earlier than getting a chicken tattoo, it’s necessary that you simply first perceive what sort of concepts it might convey to others.

Fortunately, there’s additionally plenty of room for interpretation, creativity, and personalization with chicken tattoos, so you possibly can at all times find yourself with a design that expresses a novel that means that’s deep and necessary for you.

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