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Adore NexGen Nails | Know This Latest Nail Trend | Nail Models

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Nexgen-SNS Dip Color | Love NexGen Nails | Know This Latest Nail Trend | Nail Designs

If you are a admirer of magnificent nail artwork but not acrylic, then NexGen nails are the answer to your prayers! You have to dip your nails into a distinctive powder to get a lovely manicure!

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In this posting:

  1. What Is NexGen Nails?
  2. NexGen Nails vs SNS
  3. NexGen Nails Professionals
  4. NexGen Nails Drawbacks
  5. I Tried It for the Very first Time and This Is My Verdict

NexGen Nails: A Much better Substitute to Your Normal Mani?

What Is NexGen Nails?

Many thanks to innovations in the lacquer market. We never have to have to sacrifice our natural nail beds to get beautiful nails any longer. NexGen nails assure not to harm all-natural nails. Making use of it can choose extended than other bogus nail programs.

Individuals who have tested it have them for a month and a 50 percent with no any problems. But, it all is dependent on how speedy your natural nails increase. It’s also uncomplicated and far more pleasant to do than common manicures.

In this article are some facts you’ll need to have to know before hoping out NexGen Nails.

NexGen Nails vs SNS

Nexgen-SNS Dip Color | Love NexGen Nails | Know This Latest Nail Trend | Nail DesignsSo, what’s the variance between NexGen and other nail dipping systems like SNS? Well, they are unique brands with the identical concept.

NexGen and SNS are in powder variety applied to your nails with glue. Both equally brand names dipping devices abide by the very same nail prep schedule and course of action.

NexGen can consider up to 4 months or more, and SNS will give you two to three weeks with out cracking and fading.

NexGen Nails Pros 

1. It Appears and Feels Natural

Over and above looking organic, NexGen guarantees its products feels organic as properly. Some end users even claim it feels like a part of their body–a next pores and skin or coat to the nails.

2. It Is Chip-Absolutely free

It is lightweight, versatile, potent, and long lasting considering the fact that it is drinking water-resistant. So, patrons need to have not be concerned about chipping and cracking.

3. It Has Health Benefits

NexGen nails make certain the normal nails stay potent. It is rich in calcium and vitamin E to maintain your nails balanced.

4. It Is Odor Absolutely free

The product is drinking water-resistant. Placing it however will allow the purely natural nails to breathe. Aside from not triggering any problems, it is also odor-free of charge.

5. No UV Mild

In contrast to your normal gel polish, NexGen doesn’t use UV lights to seal the shade to your nails. So, bye-bye damage to your nails and nail mattress.

6. You Can However Use Nail Layouts

Fret about your color selections? NexGen offers a range of nail shades that you can decide on.

Aside from, you can nevertheless apply nail polish on best and love your preferred nail patterns.

7. It is Affordable Priced

NexGen expenses about $35 to $50. A true price for your money. Although the frequent acrylic nails will price tag you close to $20, you have to make 3 or much more salon visits in a month.

Viewing the nail salon at the to start with indication of chipping will shell out more on acrylic nails or gel polish.

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NexGen Nails Drawbacks

1. Nail Planning Takes Time

Nail Preparation | Love NexGen Nails | Know This Latest Nail Trend | Nail Designs

You can say, the planning method is a single of the downsides of this nail design technique. It usually takes time and is awkward for numerous.

Whilst each individual Manicure and pedicure should be ready before everything else, Here’s how the nail technician prepares your nails:

  • Sanitize the arms first
  • Eliminate the shine from the nail mattress applying a fantastic sand band.
  • Drill the nail with as tiny tension as feasible
  • Once completed with your nail prep, condition the suggestions of the NexGen nails working with a nail file to just take out the sparkle.
  • Brush the nails to thoroughly clean them from any residue
  • Apply prep foundation and foundation coat
  • Dip the nails in the dipping powder
  • Apply prime coat

Observe: If you have delicate cuticles or nails, the nail technician uses a cuticle pusher alternatively of a drill.

2. Eradicating the Application Will take Time

Not is the period of preparing long and awkward, but it also usually takes time to get rid of the colour. While you can take away the polish oneself, I suggest you should not.

Term on the avenue that selecting on it your self could make your nails thinner. Rely on it to the experts at your nail salon as an alternative.

Considering that the NexGen nails remain up to a month or much more, permit your nail tech do the taking away on your up coming nail salon stop by.

If you require to acquire treatment of it you for some cause, in this article is how:

  • Buff your nails and sand off the glow with a buffer
  • Clip your nails as small as achievable
  • Soak* your nails for 15 minutes in pure acetone or soak for 35 minutes in nail polish remover
  • Use an orange adhere to scrape off the remaining NexGen nail polish.
  • Do this all over again until finally the application is entire.

Note: You can use cotton balls soaked in pure acetone or nail polish remover. Wrap them with aluminum foil on your fingertips so you can still transfer all-around.

As substantially as you can, stay away from this since pure acetone can be sturdy and you will get rid of a good element of your nail surface.

I Experimented with It for the To start with Time, All I Can Say

I went and seemed for NexGen nails around me. I found out that nail salons are now featuring it.

Luckily, I acquired a nail technician I was comfortable with and chatted away most of what I understood about NexGen. Now, with my brand name new NexGen nails. I felt strange simply because it was a bit thick for me.

I still can’t assist acting like I had acrylic nails on and was concerned about chipping. It normally takes a couple days to get applied to a good hand that can do day by day jobs.

The excellent good four weeks of shine and color on my nails have been very well value it. Now, I’m off to my upcoming NexGen nail appointment.

This video from David Hoang will display you how dipping powder ombre nails are completed:


The future time you go to the nail salon, you can ask your nail artist to hook you up with NexGen nails. Check out it and see the change.

There are also other merchandise to give you the exact same impact as NexGen nails. You can try out other dipping powder nail programs or SNS and uncover which one particular satisfies your design and style the most.

No matter what nail care you choose for yourself, here’s the finest way to take motion. Know your nail tech and care options, and discover someone you can trust with your nails.

Would you contemplate hoping NexGen nails on your upcoming nail salon stop by? Share your views with us in the remarks segment underneath!

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