5 New Nail Styles That Are Really Easy to DIY

New Nail Styles

Nail art is well known for being hard to do at home. Even with all the right tools and colours, even with the steadiest hand our take in the latest trends often ends up looking less like a masterpiece and much more like a junior high school art project.

Nail Art

Luckily, recently nail art has had a turn to more subdued designs that may be DIYed in your own home even if you aren’t a nail art wizard. Just to illustrate: manicurist Alicia Torello’s, colorful and graphic designs, which she shares on her Instagram, @aliciatnails.

Nail Art 1

From chic, minimal negative space styles to multicolor stripes, LifeStyleBean enlisted Torello to talk about how to achieve five of our favorite recent types of hers at home. The following options are the anecdote you have to the stale colors and makeshift patterns you’ve resorted using in your nails one a lot of times. Now get painting!

1. Awesome Angles

Equal parts stylish and edgy, if you’ve been looking for a new method to wear your preferred polish colors, your search is over. “Coming up with inspo for this look, I felt like nail art began to get so crazy that individuals were beginning to escape from it, I thought the greater simple the better. This is just like a good old fashioned manicure having a twist!” says Torello.

How to: Lay out a plum base color like Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Nail Couture Nail Lacquer in Violet Baroque ($27;, and you may use a striping brush or tape to create excellent lines with a complementary color like Deborah Lipmann Nail Color in Blue Orchid ($18;

Awesome Angles

2. Seeing Stripes

If you’re trying to find a cool, colorful design that isn’t too loud, this striped bad space mani has your name on it. “I took from the widely used V shape at the base of the nail and switched it up to really make it something totally new and fresh. I just flipped the look making it a little more complicated and keep it simple by incorporating negative space and leaving the rest of the nail bare,” says Torello.

How you can: Since the blue and deep red color are darker compared to gray and pink, begin with the pink (Formula X for Sephora in Intensity, $11;, and make the triangle shape, then do the same goes with the gray (OPI Nail Lacquer in Kyoto Pearl, $10; This way you can return and add the darker colors, (they have more coverage) so that you can go over the top lighter ones like OPI Nail Lacquer in Malaga Wine ($10; and CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Mutant ($6; to make more perfect lines. Torello utilizes a striping brush but you can always use tape.

Seeing Stripes

3. Trendy Triangles

Alternating between white and black triangles generates a exclusive and playful spin on monochromatic nails. “Aztec and tribal patterns shot to popularity for a while for nail art. They’re simple to do and look cool and graphic,” says Torello.

How to: If you’re a nail art novice, this look is fairly simple to achieve and all you’ll need is striping tape. Lay down the tape in desired part of the nail. Begin with the triangles along the cuticle on both hands then carry on to the triangles at the tips. Alternate using Nars Nail Polish at the spine Room ($20; and OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow ($10; across the cuticles and also the tips.

Trendy Triangles

4. Chic Cutouts

Pretty and edgy, this fresh, minimal update from the half moon mani is the best of all possible worlds. “This is reasonably a play on the half moon mani. Rather than rounded I went for a nice straight line. I added studs to harden up the light pink polish,” says Torello.

How to: Use striping tape to create a straight line marking from the negative space then paint the very best half with Essie’s Romper Room ($9; When the pink polish is dry, give a topcoat. While it’s still wet, take an orange wood stick to a little topcoat around the end to pick up you appliqués. After they are added, finish with another layer of topcoat.

Trendy Triangles

5. Over the Moon

Trying to find a new take on the half moon? This easy spin on the trend proves that typically less is more. “This look was inspired through the simple classic half moon design in which the lunula [nail’s crescent] remains bare and the remaining nail is painted. Since we’ve seen that look a lot and everyone loves it, I thought maybe doing overturn would be a cool new undertake the classic,” says Torello.

How to: Use a striping brush to follow the moon kind of nail with the black polish like Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Satin ($27; and easily put striping tape across the nail, you can use cuticle nippers to trim.

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