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40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp

by Amelie Smith
40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] – Hairstyle Camp

There’s a specific preconceived notion about men’s ponytail, but it is time to lay it to rest. Haircare and styling belong to absolutely everyone.

If you have got a head complete of extended, healthier, luxurious hair, then it is your bound duty to play with it, experiment with it, and do it up in as numerous various methods as achievable. Start out with the ponytail and you will not think how immediately you obtain an appreciation for buns.


The Man Ponytail Is Officially Evolving

As soon as upon a dreadful time, ponytails for guys had been either mere afterthoughts or sculpted, more than-moussed disasters.

Now, it is not just acceptable for guys with impressive tresses to experiment with new hairstyles, but it is also downright encouraged—as it should really be. There are way as well numerous flattering items to do with your hair to limit your self, bro.

1. Quick Best Pony for Males

short ponytail for man

A brief ponytail for guys is specifically what you want if you have tapered sides. Use a hair elastic to tie that hair down, and you will let your forehead breathe. 


two. Dreadlock Ponytail

dreadlock ponytail for man

Dreadlock ponytails for guys are incredibly fashionable and if you are not afraid of finding these permanent knits, you are a single step away from a magnificent hairdo. You can put on the dreads loose or pinned in a pony. 


three. Ponytail with Hair Extensions

ponytail mohawk for man

Take benefit of all these kinds of hair extensions and get your self a pack of twisted braids. Shave your head, but spare the major. Braid the remaining hair and attach the knits if you want to get a ponytail mohawk for guys.


four. Ponytail for Asian Males

asian man with ponytail

Go for a tapper on sides and back and when you are tired of fixing a Pompadour just about every morning, give your hair a styling break and opt for a major hairdo. Any Asian man with a ponytail will really like this hairdo!


five. Gray Ponytail

grey ponytail for man


The Witcher will be jealous of your amazing grey ponytail for guys. Dye your entire mane in a silver shade and pin it in the back with a hair elastic. You will pull off a jaw-dropping appear that is also incredibly modern day. 


six. Samurai Ponytail

loose ponytail for man


When you have extended hair, the styling possibilities are almost endless. Produce a samurai appear by going for a loose ponytail for guys. Pin the entire mane on major of the head and wrap a black ribbon about the base to give the hairstyle height.


7. Ponytail for Extended Hair

man ponytail for long hair

Occasionally getting extended hair can be hard. All that styling, arranging and fixing every strand… If you want to take a break from these procedures, a man ponytail for extended hair is incredibly uncomplicated to make, and it will hold the mane tamed.


eight. Ponytail for Old Males

old man with ponytail

An old man with a ponytail will surely appear trendy, and if your strands are as well brief, tuck them more than the ears. Put on a medium beard, and show off these attractive grays.


9. Braided Ponitail for Males

blonde ponytail for man


When you want a trendy hairdo, a rope blonde ponytail for guys is the issue you under no circumstances knew you required. Combine all sorts of knits and develop a beard to get that Norsemen look. 


ten.Ponytail for Black Males

ponytail for black man


If you have African American hair, a ponytail for black guys will make you appear extremely handsome. Produce a mohawk and go for dreadlocks or twisted braids for the remaining hair. Pin them all in a pony, on major of the head. 


11. Ponytail with Fading Temples

thick ponytail for men

When you have thick hair, even as a guy, you can come across in a men’s ponytail a single of the ideal approaches for styling your mane. Give the hairstyle a fancy touch up by trimming the temple region. 


12. Ponytail for Receding Hairline

ponytail for balding man

When you have a receding hairline, you can attempt covering it or embrace it by finding a ponytail hairstyle for guys. You can also trim your back hair and put on a beard to pull off a messy appear. 


13. Jumbo Ponytail for Males

braided ponytail for men

Hairstyling is not only for ladies! Use your imagination and get your self a pack of Jumbo hair. Produce a mohawk by shaving the sides and attach the hair extensions to the major. You will finish up with a rebellious ponytail for guys that will appear eye-popping. 


14. Ponytail for Medium Hair

low ponytail for men

Man ponytails are extremely versatile and can be arranged on major of the head or in the nape region. If your hair is as well brief, use bobby pins to safe the rebel strands. If you also put on a beard, you will have a attractive appear that will win any girl’s heart.


15. Half Ponytail

ponytail for men


A man ponytail can be styled for all sorts of hair kinds and face shapes. So if you have medium hair and want to pin these strands that get in your way, a half ponytail will do the trick.



men's ponytail with headband



ponytail braid for men



men's half up curly ponytail



men's loose ponytail



Asian guy with ponytail



bubble ponytail for men




men's dreaded ponytail



men's side part ponytail


Best Knot Hairstyles for Males


24. Men’s Half Up Ponytail

Half Up Ponytail long hairstyle

There’s absolutely nothing like a half ponytail to hold the hair out of your face. It is a trick that girls and ladies have identified about for years, and there’s no explanation dudes cannot advantage from it, as well. You get all the joy of extended hair, but you can nevertheless show off your sculpted forehead and an epic complete beard.


25. Halfhearted Bun


The lazily looped bun is an additional trick the ladies know and really like. You pull your hair back as usual, then half-heartedly tuck and twist it via your elastic. You often finish up with a thing far more or significantly less specifically like this: a casual ponytail hybrid that is laid-back, fashionable, but sensible. Browse the common bun hairstyles for guys.


26. Shaved Sides Ponytails

men's ponytail with shaved sides

A lot of desirable ponytails for guys are paired with a haircut that requires shaved or closely cropped sides. It is an superb resolution for expanding out the men’s undercut.


27. Men’s Braided Undercut With Ponytail

Undercut Ponytail haircut for young boy

Adore the appear of an undercut but do not want to commit to cutting your hair? Separate the major half of your hair and safe it into a ponytail, covering your elastic with a section of your hair. Braid the underside into tight cornrows and use a wax or pomade to smooth down almost everything in the back. You will have the sexiest man ponytail ever.


28. Classic Ponytail

Classic Ponytail hairstyle for men

A regular, timeless ponytail is amongst the most common and fashionable teenage guy hairstyles. Ask any lady in your life who’s ever had extended(ish) hair: ponytails under no circumstances let you down, not even after. Frankly, if you have adequate styling items and bobby pins, there’s absolutely nothing you cannot do.


29. The Ideal Messy Bun

Men's Ponytail Haircut

I do not assume you will ever see a bun far more excellent than this. The lady, guy, kid, do not matter. This appropriate right here is #targets. It is not only complete and thick, but it is also beautifully formed. Damn, boy.


30. With a Fade

men's ponytail with fade

It is really hard to choose what I like ideal about this hairstyle. That fade is smoother than butter, although. The gradient is flawless. Nevertheless, the locs in that ponytail are frigging almost everything.


31. Preppy Pony

40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp | 9 24

Extended hair on guys hasn’t often featured into the preppy aesthetic, but almost everything adjustments. You want a carelessly secured, casually tousled ponytail to pull off the crisp, clean-reduce, boat shoe vibe. Nevertheless, though the pony itself can be artfully mussed, make positive almost everything else is neat and sleek.


32. The Lazy Man’s Ponytail

40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp | 12 12

Certain, looping your ponytail into a half-hearted bun is lazy—but appear. What saves this style and turns it into a thing languidly and effortlessly sophisticated is the strand of hair wrapped about the base of the ponytail and securing the bun. That is gold.


33. Falling Tendrils


No matter if you put on your man ponytail extended and flowing or twist it into a bun, you should really leave a handful of stray tendrils of hair hanging about your face. It softens the characteristics and creates a frame. Type of irresistible, to be truthful.


34. Organic Poof

Natural Ponytail hairstyle for men

From the fade to the completely formed poof of hair on major, this ponytail is fire. The really hard portion, straight edges, and the curve in that fade also make this a killer coiffure for my dudes with style.


35. Higher and Flowing

40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp | 15 12

Hey, fellas, if you got the length, let it fly. Collect your ponytail higher. Let it bounce. You want to hold your neck cool, as well, man. You want to show off your jawline. Go to it.


36. Straight and Sleek


There are lots of basic ponytails for guys, as nicely. Brush or comb your hair back as smoothly as achievable, slick back the front, and type your ponytail appropriate in the middle of the back of your head. Straightforward.


37. Low and Smooth

40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp | 17 11

Elegance is uncomplicated with a ponytail. Comb it out or use your brush and make positive it is moisturized and shiny. Then type a ponytail low at the nape of your neck and safe it. Fini.


38. Pulled Back Braids


Pull back your braids and nevertheless show off the fly pattern of your cornrows and the laid high quality of your edges. Preserve a handful of braids loose just simply because.


39. Braided Bun

40 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Males [2022] – Hairstyle Camp | 19 11

If you are on the lookout for an revolutionary man ponytail, you discovered it. Braid a section of the extended portion of your undercut, then loop all of it into a half bun. You will get mad compliments. Everyone loves a fantastic braid.


40. Thick and Gathered

Braided Bun Ponytail hairstyle for black men

Thick ponytails are on-frigging-point, often, all the time, yes. This is glorious and that is the finish.


Men’s ponytails have eclipsed the questionable, type of skeevy designs generally observed in the 1980s and 1990s, thank the hair gods above. Lately, they’ve also evolved away from struggle tails and failure buns. Would you ever put on your hair in a ponytail?

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