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35 Most Well-liked Anime Girl Characters With Black Hair

by Amelie Smith
35 Most Popular Anime Girl Characters With Black Hair

If you are into cosplaying, you are in the correct location! Anime girls with black hair costumes are simple to recreate, regardless of whether you need to have support from hair extensions or use your organic black hair.


Well-liked Anime Girls With Black Hair

The Japanese manga and anime captured the interest of quite a few little ones, adolescents, and even adults. And it is all for the correct factors! The characters are powerful, fantastic-searching, and, most of the time, hold good powers.

So if you are a fan of “K-On!” girls or just really like the anime stories, right here are 35 anime girls with black hair hairstyles and costume inspirations!

1. Hinata Hyuga

Anime Girl Hinata Hyuga With Black Hair


Cutting your black hair so that it has straight bluntly-reduce fringe is 1 of the easiest strategies to make your extended hair have an edge. Anime character Hinata Hyuga leaves her black hair down, letting the bangs do all the speaking!


two. Akame

Anime Girl Akame With Black Hair


If you really like to make a statement with your extended black hair, you cannot go incorrect with anime character Akame. Her hair is somewhat stringy, but the thin look is desirable with her extended choppy bangs to round out the appear.


three. Nico Robin

Anime Girl Nico Robin With Black Hair


Nico Robin’s black hair is providing us key Pulp Fiction vibes! For sleek style you can put on at the workplace confidently, reduce hair to shoulder length with extended bangs, straighten locks for smoothness.


four. Ruri Gokou

Anime Girl Ruri Gokou With Black Hair


It appears thick bangs are all the rage these days for women’s hairstyles. Attempt the appear out for oneself on extended black hair. A thick fringe is beautiful regardless of whether you put on your hair down or up in a ponytail.


five. Ryuko Matoi

Anime Girl Ryuko Matoi With Black Hair


When you want to add a small colour to your black hair, appear to anime character Ryuko Matoi. Her thick hair is styled brief with choppy layers and red highlights for drama.


six. Satsuki Kiryuuin

Anime Girl Satsuki Kiryuuin With Black Hair


Contemplating rocking a hairstyle when the warm climate hits? Attempt an angled bob for black hair! Styled with or with no bangs, as Satsuki does, the style is constantly on trend and in season. 


7. Sawako Kuronuma

Anime Girl Sawako Kuronuma With Black Hair


Get these innocent college girl vibes in an immediate, just like anime character Sawako Kuronuma. She wears her extended black hair down more than the shoulders for easy however classy style. These extended bangs are straightened to match.


eight. Shinomiya Kaguya

Anime Girl Shinomiya Kaguya With Black Hair


As girls, we’re continually on the lookout for a cute updo. In this case, Shinomiya Kaguya’s black hair updo with its soft loose face-framing tendrils is the answer! She utilizes a hair claw to clip up the locks and, for colour, popped on a vibrant red ribbon.


9. Tomoko Kuroki

Anime Girl Tomoko Kuroki With Black Hair


A badass and edgy hairstyle is a thing just about every girl ought to attempt at least as soon as in her life. Ask your stylist to reduce your black hair with extended choppy layers and a heavy side bang you can arrange for attractive moodiness. 


ten. Yukino Yukinoshita

Anime Girl Yukino Yukinoshita With Black Hair


A piecey hairdo can be super hot when styled the correct way. Copy anime character Yukino Yukinoshita’s extended black hair by straightening it and the fringe. For drama, make positive you let your bangs develop as extended as attainable so they slightly cover eyes.  


11. Mei Misaki

mei misaki - anime girl with short black hair


Anime girl with brief black hair, Mei Misaki, attributes a layered bob haircut with bangs. To recreate her appear, you will need to have get in touch with lenses simply because in the anime “Another” she has a green and a brown eye. If you hate get in touch with lenses, you can put on a patch, just the way she in some cases does.


12. Mayuri Shiina

anime girl with black hair and blue eyes - mayuri shiina


If you want to recreate the appear of Mayuri Shiina, a properly-recognized anime girl with black hair and blue eyes, you need to have to style bangs that swoop on each sides. Also, she seems to have really thick eyebrows, so do not overlook about that as well.


13. Yuuko Ichihara

anime girl with black hair and red eyes - yuuko ichihara


The attractive witch Yuuko Ichihara is an anime girl with black hair and red eyes. To come to be her, you need to have to have bangs that cover the eyebrows and extended black mane, reaching the knees. When cosplaying her, you can use hair extensions to receive that length.


14. Mio Akiyama

anime girl with long black hair - mio akiyama


Like quite a few other Japanese characters, Mio Akiyama is an anime girl with extended black hair. Her tresses fall on the back, reaching the waistline. She also has bangs and wears the sideburns on her shoulders.


15. Azusa Nakano

anime girl with black hair and brown eyes - azusa nakano


This anime girl with black hair and brown eyes, Azusa Nakano, is 1 of Mio Akiyama’s band colleagues. She has bangs that are longer in the temple location, framing the face, thin hair with a purple tint, and wears these extended tresses in two pigtails.


16. Yomi Takanashi (Dead Master)

yomi takanashi - anime girl with black hair and green eyes


Yomi Takanashi is an anime girl with black hair and green eyes that utilizes string to repair her hair. In the redesigned anime from 2012, Yomi wears glasses, so if you want to cosplay her, you need to have to make a decision on which version you will go for.


17. Nodoka Manabe

anime girl with black hair and glasses -nodoka manabe


Nodoka Manabe is an anime girl with black hair and glasses from K-ON! Film. She has layered hair, and her spectacles are half framed in a square red colour.


18. Homura Akemi

anime girl with black hair and purple eyes - Homura Akemi


An anime girl with black hair and purple eyes is the attractive Homura Akemi. Her waist-length hair is thick and voluminous, for all her types – college girl, magic girl, and demon. Also, early in the timeline, she utilised to put on red glasses.


19. Mikasa Ackerman

ackerman-mikasa - anime girl with black hair and black eyes


Mikasa Akerman, the anime girl with black hair and black eyes, has thin eyebrows and a brief layered bob haircut. Her uneven bangs cover the forehead and slightly the face.


20. Rukia Kuchiki

rukia kuchiki - anime girl's black haircut


Rukia Kuchiki is a petit anime girl with black hair and a sword. She is a guardian of the souls in Gotei 13 and wears her hair reduce in a bob hairstyle with a extended strand from the fringe that falls among her eyes.


21. Mayoi Hachikuji

mayoi hachikuji - anime girl black hairstyle


Mayoi Hachikuji has extended black hair and red eyes. She is the ghost of an elementary college girl, and this is why she has her hair pinned in two pigtails. She also has brief layered bangs and a white headband.


22. Nana Osaki

nana osaki - anime girl with black hair


Nana Osaki attributes a rebel appear with layered black strands and a middle aspect. Her hair appears sleek and has each ears pierced, red lips, and constantly wears black mascara. As a member of a punk band, Black Stones, she attributes a dark appear.


23. Izumi Curtis

izumi curtis- anime girl with black dreads


A single of the anime girls with black dreads is Izumi Curtis. She has prominent attributes and generally wears her dreadlocks tied in a ponytail. Also, you can generally see a handful of locs on the forehead.


24. Kurumi Tokisaki

kurumi tokisaki - anime character with black hair


Kirumi Tokisaki is really attractive and she has red eyes and black hair. She wears her tresses tied into two uneven tails and has asymmetrical bangs that cover 1 of her eyes.


25. Himeko Inaba

himeko inaba - black anime hairstyle


Himeko Inaba has shoulder-length black hair and like quite a few of the anime characters, has a thick strand of hair that falls among her eyes and brows. Her locks are layered, colored in a black shade, and effortlessly waved.



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Make your personal cosplay by getting inspiration from these beautiful, potent anime girls with black hair!

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