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30 Trendy Two Layer Braids to Attempt in 2022

by Amelie Smith
30 Trendy Two Layer Braids to Try in 2022

Equivalent to tribal braids, two layer braids involve braids that move in two diverse directions from a component on the hair. The component does not have to be in the center, although. Developing side components, tribal designs, and dynamic cornrows is what this braided hairstyle is all about.


Cool Two Layer Braids

As with all braided designs, there is so a lot wide variety to pick out from. Under are some trendy two layer braids for females to take into consideration.

1. Cotton Candy Pink

2 layer braids with color


Two layer braids with colour are so trendy and exciting. This appears includes a cotton candy pink colour that feeds into your all-natural hair for eye-popping contrast. This appear has two layers, but the hair is certainly pushed back to fall behind the ears.


two. Medium Two Layer Braids

medium two layer braids


Medium two layer braids are a best middle-ground for developing your style. Not also major and not also smaller, medium-sized braids are straightforward to style and approachable to put on.


three. Braids with Beads

two layer braids with beads


Let your hair show your individual vibe with two layer braids with beads. Make stunning patterns or even match your outfit to your braids. Defining your edges elevates this appear to chic and trendy.


four. Tiny Brunette Braids

small two layer braids


If you are going lengthy with your hair, you really should take into consideration smaller two layer braids. Small braids implies significantly less hair and significantly less weight, so these will assistance to distribute the weight on your scalp, developing significantly less tension all round.


five. Feed In Braids

two layer feed in braids


To generate two layer feed in braids, start off by dividing your hair horizontally. Commence cornrowing your hair and feed in extensions close to the roots. When you are completed, why not add some charms or accessories, also?


six. Half-Up Style

two layer braided ponytail


These forms of braids do not necessarily have to move in a horizontal nature. A two layer braided ponytail calls for you to braid the reduce portion of hair downwards and the ponytail portion of hair upwards for cool contrast.


7. Powerful Center Portion

two layer braids with middle part


Make two layer braids with middle component for a sturdy and sleek appear. Specifically how you structure your component is up to you. It might demand that you get inventive! We like this very simple style on lengthy braids specially.


eight. Two Layer Braids for Girls

two layer braids for kids


Two layer braids are so amazing simply because they function on tiny girls, also. Make two layer braids for children with a center component, or attempt this swooping side component style. Add a handful of beads or charms for a kid-friendly style.


9. Lemonade Braids

two layer lemonade braids


Popularized in Beyonce’s “Lemonade” music video, two layer lemonade braids combine cornrows, Fulani braids, and a dash of Goddess locs all into one particular style. This appear offers off a side component vibe and keeps your ends good and curly.


ten. Two Layer Braids With Infant Hair

two layer braids


This two layer hairstyle might have a smaller component, but each portions of hair move to the back of the head at an angle. This braided hairstyle performs just as effectively on lengthy and curly locs for a vibrant, fashionable appear.


11. Two Layer Bob

two layer braided bob


Why not use the two layer approach for your beautiful braided bob hairstyle? A side component is a good option simply because it appears good on practically each and every face shape, but a center component can function just as effectively.


12. Jumbo Two Layer Braids

two layer jumbo braids


This hairstyle utilizes a inventive pattern on the scalp, which is a good variation on your extra very simple two layer horizontal designs. This sort of style usually appears very best with chunky jumbo braids for structure.


13. Electric Blue Braids

two layer braids


Adding colour is the best way to express your self by way of your two layer braids. Feed in electric blue style, or even red or purple hues. We like the way these braids thin out as they develop longer for a absolutely free-flowing, mermaid style.


14. Funky Space Bun Style

two layer braided bun


Two layer braids are all about versatility. This appear winds the majority of braids into a cute space bun style, which is straightforward to do, thanks to the divided, horizontal nature of these braids. Pin it all up or leave some strands down for flair.


15. Soft Half-Up Style

half up two layer braids


This rapid and straightforward half-up style includes two layer braids that are currently comprehensive. By pinning back the front two layers of braids on every side, you are providing your appear some variation, and maintaining your hair out of your face as required.



Jumbo Two Layer Braids with Low Bun




Half up Half Down Two Layer and Box Braids




Medium Two Layer Braided Ponytail




French Two Layer Braid Style




White Blonde Two Layer Thin Braid




Criss Cross Two Layer Braid




Two Layer Feed in Braid




Two Layer Zigzag Parted Braids




Two Layer Braid with Shaved Side




Intricate Two Layer Braid




Scalp Two Layer Braid and Beads




Two Layered Fulani Braid on Curly Hair




Two Layer Braid with Beads on Pink Hair




Blonde Two Layer Braid with Curls




Half up Two Layer Thin Braid Updo



There are so quite a few diverse techniques to generate your two layer braids beyond a very simple horizontal style. These appears are trendy, sleek, and best as your subsequent braids hairstyle. Will one particular will you pick out?

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