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25 Amazing Volleyball Tattoos Designs with Meanings and Recommendations

by Amelie Smith
Volleyball tattoo

Volleyball is a workforce sport performed by two teams with six gamers just about every single, divided by a web. Every single workforce tries to score points by grounding a ball into a additional team’s court docket. The initial Volleyball sport was played on 7 July 1895 at Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States, and was began by William G. Morgan, a bodily instruction director. This sport is extensively well-known in East Asia and Europe. In 1964, it became portion of the Summer season time Olympics On-line games and in 1996, Beach front Volleyball was released. In the starting, it was also performed by the Filipino military as a recreation physical exercise.

This recreation is played with the arms or the arms. Obtaining stated that, the participant can legally strike the ball with any aspect of the complete physique. The foremost scenario is that it should not get in touch with the floor. Some of the procedures utilised in Volleyball are spiking, blocking, passing, and place. A Volleyball courtroom is a rectangular discipline with a dimension of 18 meters in length and a width of 9 meters. It is divided into two equivalent sq. halves. The ball is in a kind of a sphere with a diameter of 65 to 67 centimeters and a excess weight of 260 to 280 grams.

Volleyball tattoo

This indicates of Volleyball Tattoo

Volleyball is a particular person of the frequently properly-recognized athletics played close to the globe. It is a countrywide match of Nepal, nevertheless it is been performed in European nations as completely. Inking its tattoo on your human physique denotes your huge enthusiasm and affection toward the sport. It is played by each equally adult males and ladies. In its preliminary levels, it was regarded as an indoor activity. It was only just after Seaside Volleyball was released, volleyball was regarded as an out of doors activity. Inking volleyball symbolizes various meanings specifically exactly where some are specified below.


Energetic is a higher top quality of a certain particular person who does not like to be lazy. In other phrases, it is creating action or motion devoid of decline of enthusiasm. Like in volleyball, you have to have reliable program movement, so the certain particular person enjoying this activity typically jumps a lot. It makes it possible for the participant to continue to be active even even though playing this sport. Inking the volleyball tattoo on your program displays that you are an avid volleyball player and an energetic person.


The major top quality of staying bodily successful is termed power. Toughness is also connected with mental initiatives. Solving several types of puzzles desires mental work, and these varieties of can be termed toughness. Volleyball is a sport that calls for a terrific deal of power to strike the ball towards a further cease. The certain particular person sporting this tattoo symbolizes that he has purchased great strength to participate in this activity at the peak quantity.


General flexibility is pretty essential in playing any activity. The man or lady donning this tattoo is adaptable and can modify to the movement of the ball. At the moment becoming versatile conveys really a couple of meanings and not just bodily versatility. When the ball is coming in a rapid time requires your brain to adapt to the circumstance.

Precisely exactly where Actually ought to You Get Volleyball Tattoo Layouts?

For Females

Greater Pectoral

For Guys

Checklist of Volleyball Tattoo Patterns and Meanings

Volleyball Heartline Tattoo on the Elbow

Volleyball Heartline Tattoo

This heartline with the volleyball is a wonderful addition to your tattoo collections. If you are wanting for a tattoo that can denote your die-genuinely difficult enthusiasm for this activity, then this tattoo is for you. In this tattoo, a heartline is made, which reveals the closeness of volleyball to your heart. It symbolizes your deep adore for the activity. It is a line tattoo and demands huge discomfort by its wearer throughout inking. You can basically present it off in basic public by engraving on a number of other visible sections of your physique.

Volleyball Floral Design and style Tattoo on the Ankle

Volleyball Floral Design Tattoo

Floral style and style tattoos are broadly properly-liked amongst tattoo fans due to the fact of to their a lot of meanings. A single this sort of that indicates is the astonishing magnificence of these types of tattoos. The volleyball tattoo to the floral style and style brings charm to your character. It appears exquisite to the bare eye. But it poses several meanings like the innocent head of its wearer.

Aged University Volleyball Tattoo on the Human physique

Old School Volleyball Tattoo

It is a cartoonish volleyball tattoo that shows the childish nature of its wearer. Listed right here, a boy is enjoying volleyball which demonstrates that nevertheless he possesses an immature character, he has a terrific consciousness of the brain. It seems to be like beautiful on any visible aspect of your general physique.

Beach Volleyball Tattoo on the Greater Pectoral

Beach Volleyball Tattoo

Beach front Volleyball is a particular person of the most well-known sporting activities, specifically in coastal international places like Australia. Taking component in volleyball at the beach front of the sea is a want for numerous. However, really a couple of just cannot execute this activity in the vicinity of the sea as they are residing in land-locked areas. This tattoo invokes the feeling of enjoying Seaside volleyball on gentle sand for all these people today nowadays. It also implies the likeness of its wearer to delight in it all by way of the sunset. The sunset denotes your hidden feelings and attraction affiliated with sports.

Volleyball Floral Tattoo on the Elbow

Volleyball Floral Tattoo on the Ankle

This colorful volleyball floral style and style tattoo appears amazing on the elbow. The pink colour flower compliment outstanding with the inexperienced leaves and black-colored volleyball. It is worn by all these who have a artistic and inventive intellect. Commonly, Girls with a light individuality don this tattoo.

Burning Volleyball Tattoo on the Biceps

Burning Volleyball Tattoo

Hearth is regularly involved with hazard. It is typically identified as a warning indicator to inform other folks to be thorough about it. It can imply just about something from the omen of demise to the circle of day-to-day life. Proper right here, a volleyball is represented as the burning ball. It symbolizes that the wearer has a burning want for this activity.

A Volleyball Crown Tattoo

A Volleyball Crown Tattoo

There are numerous numbers of out of doors sports beloved by lots of all more than the complete globe. It is commonly soccer that is affiliated with the most properly recognized activity globally. However, a quantity of other games are not far at the rear of. Volleyball is 1 of them. It is performed extra normally in Jap-European nations. In this tattoo, soccer and volleyball are shown as cautiously linked sports activities in terms of reputation. The wearer of this tattoo has inked their liked a single demise day time to clearly show the avid like of that deceased human becoming with the sports.

Volleyball with the Wings Tattoo

Volleyball with the Wings Tattoos

The wing tattoos depict a lot of several meanings. It can symbolize your interior and deep spiritual hyperlink to a further particular person you appreciate, or it can also signify your capability to liberate you from the shackles of complications in front of you. Any activity in the earth is not only performed for gaining physical power. They are also played to inhibit your psychological and spiritual strength. The major edge of enjoying volleyball is that it enhances your concentration and temperament. The wings connected with it symbolize your religious hyperlink with the sport.

Volleyball with the Raven Tattoo

Volleyball with the Crow Tattoo

Commonly a Raven tattoo is connected with intelligence and wisdom. Right here, a volleyball tattoo is inked with the Raven hen, which exhibits that its wearer is bold and loves to obtain his enthusiasm for volleyball to the optimum quantity. This raven shown listed right here has a blackout texture, and to ink a blackout tattoo on the physique requires considerable discomfort by the wearer. All round, the tattoo represents your deep passion and adore for this sport.

A Unique particular person taking component in a Volleyball Tattoo on the Arms

A Person playing a Volleyball Tattoo

This tattoo demonstrates a human becoming enjoying volleyball which symbolizes the helpful mother nature of its wearer. He is keener to play this sport rather than basically viewing it. In other terms, the wearer wishes to execute genuinely difficult to understand his target alternatively than heading for a shortcut technique to realize achievement.

A Lion holding the Volleyball Tattoo on the Legs

A Lion holding the Volleyball

A Lion tattoo demonstrates the bravery and courageous mother nature of its wearer. Right here, a Lion is holding a volleyball which symbolizes the protective character of the person carrying this tattoo. It reveals that the wearer is courageous sufficient to struggle against all odds with no fearing loss of life.

A Volleyball with the Palm Tree Tattoo on the Rib Cage

A Volleyball with the Palm Tree Tattoo

This black and gray tattoo covering the comprehensive rib cage seems desirable. A Palm tree represents immortality and eternity. The bus revealed in this tattoo is affiliated with the spot. This tattoo signifies that the wearer has a trustworthy appreciate for the sport. He is a budding volleyball participant and desires to stand for his nation in this sport.

A Skull taking component in Volleyball Tattoo

A Skull playing Volleyball Tattoo

A Skull tattoo is typically explained as the image of loss of life and mortality. It implies overcoming hurdles and also stands for affirmative ideas. Proper right here a skeleton is taking component in with a volleyball which symbolizes the playful mother nature of its wearer. The wearer desires to demonstrate their genuine delight in and enthusiasm for the sport.

A Black and Grey Volleyball Tattoo

A Black and Grey Volleyball Tattoo

This uncomplicated black and grey tattoo appear terrific on your complete physique. It symbolizes the correct character of its wearer and denotes his appreciate for the recreation. This tattoo offers a affordable attractiveness in black and grey, which presents it a retro genuinely really feel.

Adorable Sun Flower Volleyball Tattoo

Adorable Sun Flower Volleyball Tattoo

This amazing Sunflower volleyball tattoo gives grace to your character. Sunflower is connected with romance and hopeful like. The volleyball in the heart denotes the like and craze for this activity. It appears amazing on your physique.

Volleyball Line Tattoo

This tattoo appears to be simple, however it is a single of the most tricky to ink. The wearer of this tattoo goes by indicates of a superior deal of discomfort to get this tattoo achieved. It symbolizes the wearer’s down-to-earth and humble character. Also, it denotes that the wearer is hardworking and affectionate toward his operate.

Volleyball Space Tattoo

This volleyball with the space tattoo symbolizes that the wearer likes to engage in volleyball but also wishes to turn out to be an astronaut. They adore this video game and aspire to go to area sometime to uncover the unexplored universe. Right here, volleyball is represented as Saturn with a ring about it. It denotes the big delight in by the wearer for each area and volleyball.

A Participant Hitting the Volleyball Tattoo

Player hitting the Volleyball Tattoo

In this tattoo, a player is observed hitting a massive volleyball. It signifies the like for the sport as the wearer sees the ball enormous than himself. The ball under symbolizes the wearer’s huge like for the sport.

Volleyball with the Crown Tattoo

Volleyball with the Crown Tattoo

The Volleyball tattoo with the Crown represents strength, triumph, self-handle, and glory. The Crown represents the captain of the volleyball workforce. It also denotes that volleyball is the excellent out of doors sport to participate in.

Volleyball with the Online Tattoo

Volleyball with the Net Tattoo

Listed right here, volleyball with the web is represented as a tattoo. The net denotes the boundary laid by the wearer in his character and nature. He likes to continue to be calm in all circumstances. Also, it exhibits the appreciate and passion of the wearer for the sport. He would like to signify his state in volleyball at the greatest stage.

An Ostrich With The Volleyball in his Throat Tattoo

An Ostrich With The Volleyball in his Throat

An Ostrich is a nationwide fowl of Australia. Also, volleyball is mainly performed in that area. Right here, Ostrich is represented with the volleyball in his throat, which conveys the several meanings by the wearer. He is a great volleyball player and likes to engage in this activity on an open up region, equivalent to Ostrich, who likes to preserve on becoming in an open up ground.

 Girl with the Volleyball Tattoo

Girl with the Volleyball Tattoo

This line tattoo seems cute. Listed right here, the female is noticed lifting the barbell and volleyball on each of these fingers. The wearer of the tattoo signifies that volleyball is a recreation that requires immense toughness to play. As it calls for a stern strike to throw the ball at the other finish. Also, volleyball can be performed by every single guys and females of all ages.

Volleyball Tattoo in a Remembrance of the Cherished Just a single

Volleyball Tattoo in a Remembrance of the Loved One

This tattoo appears to be simple and colorful. By the naked eye, it appears like the tattoo is inked employing watercolors. Just just after getting a nearer glance, you get to know that the tattoo is inked with several sorts of extended lasting inks. The wearer has inked this tattoo on his shoulder blade in remembrance of his cherished a particular person. He was deeply hooked up to that human becoming. 1962 is the year of birth of the deceased person, and in 1918, that particular person died. In honor of that man or lady, the wearer has inked this tattoo.

Manga Volleyball Tattoo

This colourful tattoo not only represents the wearer’s genuinely like for volleyball but also for the manga, which is a kind of comedian created in Japan. By combining volleyball with this art style and style, it presents this tattoo a genuinely exclusive expression, which is genuinely difficult to match with modern tattoo model.

Volleyball Heartbeat Tattoo

Volleyball Heartbeat Tattoo

This volleyball heartbeat tattoo reveals that the wearer is an ardent lover of this activity. He plays this activity every single and every single time he receives a possibility. He is also firmly committed to the activity. The quote made down under the volleyball tattoo denotes the similar. It typically indicates that the wearer is in delight in with volleyball to these varieties of an extent that he is prepared to give his heart’s out.

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