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20 Easy And Simple Mehndi Designs That You Can Do By Yourself

Mehndi is one thing that every Indian women adore – not only because it is a crucial part our culture, but also because of how beautiful the mehandi design looks while we are adorned with it.

Mehndi is really a kind of a natural dye made from the leaves and stem from the Henna tree. It’s getting used now like a natural dyeing agent and also the art of mehndi has recently spread around the globe. In western countries, mehndi has been utilized as a temporary tattoo too. It’s specially gained a great deal of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry.

We are usually quite familiar with seeing deluxe and intricate mehendi designs during weddings. But there’s also some very easy mehendi designs that appear to be chic and delightful and can be done for any type of occasion. These designs require very a shorter period and therefore are usually easy and sweet ones that add a hint of colour to the hands but don’t clutter the hands or give an over-decked look.

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Here We Have Shared 20 Such Simple mehndi Designs That You Can Try With Ease:

Beautiful Design

1. Here is a very beautiful yet really easy mehandi design for the hands. The style is mainly done on the thumb and also the pointer finger. It is extremely simple but still can be easily done for any special occasion to attract attention to your hands. Great if you’re attending an engagement ceremony or even the sangeet of a friend’s friend!

Engagement Occasion Mehndi

2. Here is an example of an easy mehndi design for hands where you can apply the mehendi on any one finger. On occasions where the attention will be on your hands or fingers – like an engagement or on your wedding day, you may use this type of design for your finger. This is specially applicable for women who don’t like heavy mehendi designs. It will look very really pretty if you do this on the ring finger.

Especially Pretty

3. We just loved this design along with the matching nail art on the feet. The style is very simple, yet looks lovely. The usage of the red mehndi gives a distinct bridal feel towards the look and could be donned by anyone. It’ll suit most brides and also the added accessories like toe rings can make it even more beautiful.

Lavish Designs

4. Love mehndi but don’t need to apply lavish designs on your feet? Do this very simple and small style that is very easy to do. This can not interfere with your style and will blend in very easily. This is for those who love small and hassle-free designs.

Black Mehndi Makes

5. If you love floral patterns as well as love using mehndi on your feet, do this style. This sweet and easy mehendi design is possible by anyone for any occasion. The use of mehndi makes the feet more prominent and will also also look wonderful for office goers who love small designs on their own feet.

Simple Pattern Mehndi

6. Would you love applying henna? Do this simple pattern that is super easy to do. And will also look great on everybody’s hands; be it your daughter’s or your own. You can make inclusions in this design to make it into a full-fledged design one as well.

Simple Enough

7. If you’re a new comer to mehndi application, you might like to accept one of the simplest mehndi designs initially. Behold! We’ve the right design for you. This design and style will flatter anyone, regardless of how old they are. It will also look good on brides and on the occasion of the engagement too. The designs aren’t cluttered and are simple enough to be tried at home.

Glitters And Stones

8. Recently there’s been a new trend in mehendi, which is the improved use of glitter and stones. Using glitter and stones looks good as sometimes mehndi may become boring with similar old colours and variations. Glitters and stones provide you with ample choice and you may easily accept any colour of your choice! Glitter is used over mehndi and the beads & stones are placed based on the design. The shades used can be changed or manipulated based on your outfit. This specially looks very attractive on the contemporary bride.

Within this design we have seen white stones and blue stones getting used, which make this easy mehndi design look absolutely gorgeous.

Simple Mehndi Gorgeous

9. This design is very different from the typical mehndi styles we’re familiar with seeing. The look is predominantly simple, yet it’s unique. Suitable for a modern woman, who likes to mix trendy with traditional.

Geometric Shapes

10. This is a different one from the simple mehendi designs that is ideal for beginners. The look is ideal for any special occasion. The unusual patterns on the fingers get this to design quite unique. It has the predominant utilization of geometric shapes and dots, which is quite easy to do – even for beginners.

Basically Very Simple

11. We love this easy yet pretty mehendi design. The style slightly leans for the traditional side. The colors and also the motifs employed for the mehndi are simply very simple. This will be apt for just about any occasion and will make your hands look full without actually filling it up entirely.

Design Quite Prominent

12. Should you prefer a simple design with very less motifs and that is basically restricted to only the back of your hand, try this super chic design. The look in the center of both hands isn’t very difficult to do and looks not so difficult for any occasion. It will suit women of any age. You can also display this mehndi design  on your palms.

Beautifully Decorated

13. The rear of the hand is beautifully decorated by using this design that has not many, yet pretty motifs. The look covers the majority of the space on the hands yet doesn’t look cluttered and the design on the ring finger is the reason why this design specially suitable for an engagement.

Leaves Pattern

14. Here’s a simple design for the feet. It has a floral and leaves pattern. The style is very simple. The best looking feature of this mehendi art is the way the style is giving an impression of an anklet been worn.

Love Mehndi Clad

15. We all know you love mehandi clad feet just how about donning this beautiful and different style? The spiral designs look very unique superb and this design will suit any special occasion. Even brides may do that design on their own feet. There are small details in the design which will make it look very easy yet elegant. The predominant spiral design can be customized to give a fuller look.

feet Just Stole

16. This excellent mehandi design for the feet just stole our hearts. The entire sole of the feet is decorated using lavish designs. The design is very bridal but at the same time may be used to any event. Though it is rare for one to apply mehndi around the sole of their feet, this is often a super cool way to adorn your feet. You can use any kind of mehendi. This will look especially good on a bride as during the wedding there is a lot of attention on the bride’s feet and it is often photographed.

Quick Mehndi Tattoo

17. Need a mehndi tattoo design for the feet which may be done quickly? An easy design for the feet such as this one will look just perfect with any outfit. Wear it with a few nice ballerinas and you’ll have the world under your feet! The shaded flower on the design is extremely unique once we hardly see a whole design shaded in traditional mehndi motifs. The shading has also been done using mehndi.

Engagement Ceremony

18. If you prefer a nice design for the engagement ceremony, you might want to think about this one. The style in the centre is quite intricate yet doesn’t look cluttered – and highlights the ring finger. This design will suit any type of occasion.

Cluttered Feeling

19. If elaborate designs aren’t your forte and also you like simpler designs better, this simple mehandi design is for you. It is very simple without any intricate or small patterns or motifs. The style looks very pretty and clutter-free.

Loves Simple Designs

20. This design is apt for that bride if she loves simple designs. The fingers are nicely highlighted and also the back of the hands will also be decorated with patterns.



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