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15 Finest Pregnancy Apps for an Astounding Motherhood Journey

by Amelie Smith






Wanna really feel connected to the tiny a single developing inside you? Right here are 15 very best pregnancy apps to track &amp monitor your physique along with your baby’s developments!


Hello there! In today’s tech savvy age, anything is in your finger strategies, like, pretty actually. We require a mobile app for each activity in our lives. You can track your sleep, quantity of measures you have taken, your water intake and there’s an app to hold oneself from more than obsessing with these apps! Properly, what a planet we reside in! But there are occasions when you genuinely require a reminder to track particular points like your periods. Personally, I’m a person who by no means ever remembers my cycle dates and I generally attempt also challenging to track it. Thank god for female friendly apps like Flo or P.Tracker.

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Likewise when you are pregnant, there are a couple of apps that assist you with lots of strategies and to track your pregnancy. There are a couple of menstruation apps that track your pregnancy, also. Also, there are pregnancy and child care distinct apps that assist you with your pregnancy, nutrition, wellness, workouts, what to anticipate as a new mother and also a neighborhood exactly where you can post your queries.

Finest Pregnancy Apps

When I was pregnant in 2020, honestly there have been a dozen of advices flowing from everybody and everywhere, like actually. I imply there is absolutely nothing incorrect if a person desires to pass on their expertise about the most gorgeous phase of a lady. But a couple of occasions, I applied to wonder if I should really stick to the old grandma tricks or the contemporary science connected suggestions of a new mother. When you counter query your closed ones, a couple of occasions it might lead to an awkward predicament. And Google actually applied to guide me to run to my gynecologist due to the fact I might be experiencing some thing actually terrible.

Properly, you get the point, proper?! So, I downloaded a couple of apps recommended by a couple of new mothers and the very best rated ones on the appstore and playstore. And my life just got improved. Of course, if I had any doubts, I would generally ask my gynecologist through my month-to-month visits but when I wasn’t positive of some thing, these apps came in handy each through pregnancy and postpartum as effectively.

So, we have rounded off ten very best pregnancy apps that you require to track your pregnancy. Let’s verify ’em out!

1. Child Center
iOS Rating – four.9
Android Rating – five


Image Credits: babycenter.com

This is a single of the very best pregnancy apps that most moms-to-be recommend. Personally I loved this app so a great deal that most of my pregnancy journey was covered with this app. Initial of all, it shows a weekly progression of the tiny human inside you. The pictoral representations are basic and quick to comprehend. It also has 3D renderings of your baby’s developments. The app makes use of examples like fruits and vegetables to portray the development of the child. Along with the photographs, there’s a modest create up on the baby’s improvement every single week. I would be super curious with every single passing week to verify out these developments.

Also, there’s an alternative to click your bump every single week and post it on the internet. You can share it with other folks or just hold it private. There’s a social network to connect with other expecting moms and a library complete of beneficial articles and hyperlinks. This app is  also beneficial for individuals who are attempting to conceive as it has an ovulation calendar. You can also use this app as soon as the child is born for a development tracker and the developments that you can anticipate in the coming weeks.

Child Center is thought of to be a single of the very best pregnancy apps as it has brief videos, significantly less than a minute, which offers you an insight about delivery processes, prenatal workout routines, breastfeeding assistance and lots of additional. It also has an alternative of “Is it protected?” for widespread meals and activities. It also consists of a kick tracker and a contraction timer in the app. Properly. hands down to an all-in-a single app that prepares you proper from conceiving to raising your tiny a single!

two. What to Anticipate
iOS Rating – four.9
Android Rating – four.eight


Image Credits: whattoexpect.com

Now the second app that we propose is What to Anticipate. As the name suggests, this app offers an insight of what to anticipate through your pregnancy and postnatal phase. The very best portion of this app is the visually attractive and aesthetic interface. It not only delivers the information and facts of the child but compares your baby’s size with cool and nostalgic Television props. A quite exciting way to track, certainly! It consists of 3D rendering of the child, information and facts of the anatomical developments, widespread symptoms, adjustments in your physique.

Just like the Child Center app, it has a social network and also has distinct separate groups exactly where you can connect with other moms-to-be who are getting babies inside the very same month. You can connect with international moms-to-be and additional capabilities! You can track your ovulation and it also consists of due date calendar.

three. Sprout Pregnancy
iOS Rating – four.7
Android Rating – four.six


Image Credits: Sprouts.com

Properly, we have incorporated Sprout in our list of very best pregnancy apps due to the fact of the exceptional function of 3D video renderings of your womb, which is pretty comparable to healthcare imaging. You can toggle and view your child in distinctive angles. But this app is not totally free. Properly, with such a cool function that is worth highlighting, it is okay to have to commit a tiny dollars.

The app also consists of a pregnancy timeline that is elaborated, a library of informational sources and to-do checklists for the moms-to-be. There is also information and facts on the screening tests timeline and a birth program function. The only con of this app is that there is no social networking function like the other prime apps. If you are residing in a remote spot then this app is beneficial to verify about your baby’s development and with the function of compelling 3D imaging, you can practical experience actual lifelike interactive movements.

four. Ovia
iOS Rating – four.9
Android Rating – four.eight


Image Credits: Ovia.com

The Ovia pregnancy app has capabilities like customized timeline of your baby’s anatomical improvement, symptoms of your pregnancy, 3D renderings of the child, security tools, meals and medication. It also has a library of informational articles. Personally, I loved the truth that you can feed all your information and facts in the app and it enables for complete information collection. From fetal movement to nutrition to your exercise, anything can be viewed in graphs. I adore to see my progress visually and graphs are quick to grasp and track. If you are a person who loves information visualization, then this app is for you!

You can track your pregnancy milestones and there are also illustrations of your baby’s present hand and foot size. You can even connect with other moms-to-be.

five. Baby2Body
iOS Rating – four.7


Image Credits: baby2body.com

Properly, Baby2Body is additional about mommy fitness. Think about your fitness level dropping or you are confused about what type of workouts to be accomplished (of course soon after receiving a go ahead from your gynecologist) through your pregnancy and postpartum. So, this app has covered anything! It will be your fitness and wellness coach, which aids you with your nutrition, workouts, meditation and additional. There are videos and podcasts that are tailored according to your nutrition and fitness ambitions. Pregnancy workouts do not have to be also overwhelming. You can keep match and wholesome with a fantastic exercise through your pregnancy and even soon after popping the child out.

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six. Pregnancy App
iOS Rating – four.9
Android Rating – four.9

Pregnancy app is a single of the most widespread and loved apps. It is quite basic to use and it tracks your baby’s anatomical development week-by-week. It also has many strategies for the adjustments your physique is going via. It also has a weight tracker to hold your wellness in verify. You can log in your notes in the pregnancy journal for a additional private really feel. It consists of due date calendar, kick counter and additional.

7. Peanut


Image Credits: peanut.com

Pregnancy is not an quick journey. And postpartum is the subsequent level to test your patience. Lol! I’m not scaring you with these statements. As gorgeous as the journey is, there will be down moments that you can not pretty clarify to everyone. This consists of your companion as effectively. There are occasions you might really feel low or go via anxious moments or really feel stressful. That is why Peanut has developed a exceptional neighborhood app to get connected with other moms-to-be and moms who want to connect with every single other in very same geographical location.

It is a fantastic app for when you want to talk about points, make new good friends and there are even modest video chats each week on lots of subjects. You can host oneself or be a portion of the group. The very best function is receiving connected to moms close to your spot. I have produced pretty a couple of good friends via the app and I actually propose it.

eight. 280 Days
iOS Rating – four.two
Android Rating – four.two

We have an exciting app in our list of the very best pregnancy apps – 280 Days. As the name suggests, it is the quantity of days of your pregnancy journey. I adore sustaining journals and I began maintaining a single the moment I got to know about the fantastic news. But I was not pretty constant with it and my notes have been all more than the spot. I had my diary, my pregnancy apps, my ipad, my notes app on my mobile, ugh! And now I have no time to place anything collectively and re-cherish. Of course, I hold going via them as soon as in a even though right here and there. But I want I had anything in a single spot like a book, probably.

I feel the gods have heard my cry and here’s an app that enables you to journal your journey all through you pregnancy and enables you to convert it into a book. Yes, you heard it proper. You can invest in the book at the finish. Perhaps subsequent time, I can do this &#x1f609 It also consists of other capabilities like tracking your baby’s development, your physique adjustments, weight get and your doctor’s appointments.

9. WebMD Pregnancy
iOS Rating – four.7


Image Credits: appstore.com

Yes, the web site that shows up for all your wellness symptoms on Google has its personal pregnancy tracker, also! It is pretty complete with its interface. From symptoms tracker to kick counter to appointment organizer, this app has it all. There are also articles that show up primarily based on the stage of pregnancy you are in. It also has a function exactly where there are articles on the type of concerns you require to ask through your doctor’s take a look at.

The in-depth visuals of your child in the womb can be accessed through 3D rendering and it is additional detailed compared to other prime apps. It is a fantastic app if you have been a fan of WebMD and the capabilities are fantastic adequate. I want they had incorporated a neighborhood networking function, also, then this app would have produced to the prime in our list of very best pregnancy apps.

ten. My Pregnancy
iOS Rating – four.eight
Android Rating – four.six

This app is basic with a clean and clutter totally free interface. It does not go overboard with information and facts and does not supply out-of-the-box articles like baby’s name suggestions or a guess the gender games. It has weekly evaluation of the development of your child and your physique and some beneficial strategies. There is also a weight tracker and a kick counter. Nevertheless, there are no capabilities like 3D rendering or a social networking. If you want an app that just aids you supply the information and facts on what to anticipate in the coming days of your pregnancy journey, then this app is proper for you.

11. Hello Belly


Image Credits: playstore.com

This is a single of the cutest apps that you have to download if you are pregnant. In contrast to other apps, this app does not bombard you with heavy healthcare advices and bore you. It is additional about life style management for moms-to-be. There’s each day reminders with cute illustrations about nutrition, water intake, fitness and additional. And there’s prenatal yoga videos, meditation and mental and emotional wellness information and facts. There’s a 3D view of the child on your household screen of the app that tilts with your screen, which is fascinating!

12. Pregnancy Tracker: Child Bump
iOS Rating – four.1
Android Rating – four.three


Image Credits: playstore.com

The Child Bump app is pretty comparable to other pregnancy apps with capabilities like customized timeline, baby’s development chart, baby’s size comparison to an object, 3D renderings of your child and articles on practically anything from attempting to conceive to parenthood. A single of the very best capabilities of this app is the checklist it offers you as you progress via your pregnancy. The checklist consists of points like getting a maternity bra, organizing your maternity leave through a distinct week via your pregnancy and lots of additional tasks.

The checklist planner syncs with your calendar and tends to make your life simpler and aids you with your appointments and checklists. There are also in-app coupons and discounts for child retailers from the app’s partners. With so lots of cool capabilities, this app is for positive a single of the very best pregnancy apps.

13. Pregnancy+
iOS Rating – four.eight
Android Rating – four.eight


Image Credits: playstore.com

Okay, subsequent on our list of very best pregnancy apps we have Pregnancy+ and just as the name suggests, it has added capabilities compared to other apps. It delivers day-to-day updates about your child in the womb. There is also 3D rendering function with a clear and informative pictures. It practically appears like your baby’s selfies &#x1f609 This is the closest you can get a appear of your child just before delivery.

It has other capabilities like kick counter, contraction timer, a purchasing list of the points you might require through your pregnancy and might additional.

14. Glow Nurture
iOS Rating – four.7
Android Rating – four.four


Image Credits: playstore.com

Glow Nurture app’s capabilities are pretty comparable to other very best pregnancy apps. You can also hyperlink your account with your partner’s and track the pregnancy journey collectively. You can also sync it with Apple Well being app and integrate the information. This app also delivers postpartum and miscarriage assistance.

15. Pregnancy App Preglife
iOS Rating – four.9
Android Rating – four.five


Image Credits: preglife.com

This app, also, has all the capabilities just like other very best pregnancy apps and it is a fantastic alternative for expectants who want to share their journey with their partners. There’s a “partner” button, which you can click and delivers beneficial information and facts and to-dos.

So, these have been our prime suggestions of very best pregnancy apps! Are you applying any of these apps? Do you wanna add additional to our list? Let us know by tweeting us @shilpa1ahuja and share your pregnancy and motherhood journey by posting a image and tagging us @shilpaahujadotcom on Instagram!

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