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110+ Distinctive Tattoo Types [Updated 2022]

by Amelie Smith
Ring Finger Tattoos

Some time in the past, married {couples} would trade both rings, bracelets or rockets as a means of expressing their timeless love for one another. Nevertheless, issues have modified, and tattoos at the moment are the in-thing. At the moment, trendy {couples} go for matching couple tattoos instead of marriage ceremony rings. Different {couples} desire distinct phrases, symbols, or numbers. Some get discreetly hidden away, whereas others conceal in physique elements we will’t simply see. Whichever you select, make sure you withhold the sentiments you’ve gotten for one another. Beneath are some fashionable and exquisite concepts for distinctive couple tattoos to contemplate.

1-) Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring Finger Tattoos

The tattoos symbolize marriage bands. Many individuals don’t really feel snug sporting rings, and in that, they like having one draw to represent their marital standing and the timeless love they’ve for one another.

2-) Small Tattoos

Small Tattoos

The tattoos are much less painful, they usually additionally heal quicker. They’re additionally one of the best for {couples} in professions that may get frowned upon for having tattoos.

3-) Hidden That means

Hidden Meaning

The tattoo is likely to be playful and engaging however with a hidden which means. An instance could be a moon and the opposite a wolf, cartoons, characters or abbreviations that solely the couple is aware of the key behind.

4-) Distinctive Tattoos

Unique Tattoos

Distinctive couple’s tattoos present creativity, dedication and the type and worth of affection you two share. The tattoos might symbolize the individual’s career however have a strong reference to the connection.

5-) Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos

Fingers have a small floor to jot down on. Due to this fact, the {couples} ought to search for a significant idea to jot down about. Finger tattoos are cute and symbolic.

6-) Coronary heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

They is likely to be apparent, however they’re probably the most sentimental gestures to precise your love in an absolute sense. The center symbols are sturdy, with deep passionate feelings hooked up to them.

7-) Reversed Hearts

Reversed hearts

The reversed coronary heart is a straightforward but distinctive means of getting a coronary heart tattoo. A pair might draw a reversed coronary heart, and the opposite will get a spade for uniqueness.

8- ) Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and kisses

As a substitute of simply writing the phrases “hug” and “kisses”, younger {couples} ought to contemplate the distinctive means of writing the identical utilized in telephone texting the place the letter “X” represents hugs, and “O” represents kisses.

9-) Crown Symbolism

Crown Symbolism

King and Queen Tattoos are a continuing reminder of being robust collectively. It symbolizes the facility, energy and functionality you each have of relying and defending one another.

10-) Newlywed’s Tattoos

Newlywed’s Tattoos

Those that draw on the rings see it as a extra everlasting and non-traditional image of their everlasting marriage and love for one another.

11-) Love Quote

Love Quote

In a relationship based mostly on love, phrases are an enormous half. {Couples} might determine to jot down a complete quote or a half quote whereas others get the opposite half to finish the quote.

12-) Playful


An instance of this could be the image of trending cartoon characters, characters from previous fairy story tales which can be trendy with a recent twist.

13-) Infinity Signal

Infinit sign

The design is a drawing of a loop that doesn’t have a begin or an ending level. The infinity signal tattoo is romantic, for they carry deep-rooted sentimental values.

14-) You and Me Infinity Indicators

You and me infinity signs

Just like the above design, this design is of an infinity signal however with a twist. Right here the couple provides the phrases you and me on the infinity signal to point out their love is everlasting.

15-) Lock and Key

lock and key

A lock and key in a love relationship is an indication of dedication that symbolizes monogamy. They are saying that your partner with the important thing tattoo is the one one with full entry to your coronary heart.

16-) Coronary heart With Lock and Key


The design has a coronary heart and a lock engraved inside the center. They then place the opposite coronary heart design on the important thing and a few further detailed shading.

17-) Solar and Moon

Sun and moon

They could appear to be two distinct entities, however the solar and the moon are great forces which have an attraction that creates a stability within the universe. A pair might use the thought to point out how they distinction vastly, however being collectively brings a stability of their relationship.

18-) Wolf and Moon

Wolf and Moon

We have now seen within the motion pictures that the alpha wolf good points energy in the course of the full moon. {Couples} can use the thought to point out with out the opposite, and one could be weak and weak.

19-) Pack of Wolf

Pack of wolf

Wolfs are wild however very protecting of one another within the packs. Having matching wolf couple tattoos represents having highly effective instincts, loyalty and fierce safety of one another.

20-) Cranium Tattoos

skull tattoos

{Couples} who use this cranium typically ship the message to the world that solely demise will separate them. It’s widespread for individuals who recognize darkish humour however have a delicate spot for love and everlasting love.

21-) Disney Tattoos

Disney tattoos

We all know Disney for fairy tales that all the time finish fortunately ever after. An instance could be Magnificence and the Beast, Cinderella and prince and even the snow white and the huntsman themes for tattoos.

22-) Star Wars

Star wars

Star Wars has impressed many love tales, a standard one being Princess Leia and Han Solo. The story exhibits independence, wit and energy. {Couples} can use phrases, characters and names to honour the sequence.

23-) Disney Cartoon

Disney cartoon

Some {couples} share bubbly and livelier spirits. They take pleasure in doing enjoyable issues like enjoying dress-up, watching enjoyable motion pictures and cartoons. Tattoo concepts from Disney cartoons are countless and stylish.

24-) Puzzle Items

Puzzle pieces

It’s a intelligent means of displaying that you just and your companion are two items of a puzzle that match collectively. Contemplate ink colors that will probably be private to each of you and the connection.

25-) Nerdy Tattoos

Nerdy tattoos

Some {couples} get attracted to one another from nerdy actions like their love for science, comedian books, or instructional motion pictures like Physician Who. The tattoos are engaging and an correct depiction of who you’re and what you like.

26-) Magic Themed

Magic themed

Many {couples} share a mutual love for magic motion pictures, theme parks, and classical. Having such tattoos is a continuing reminder that love is magical, and you are able to do something collectively so long as you each have a supernatural and timeless love for one another.

27-) Easy Coronary heart Tattoos

Simple heart tattoos

The tattoos are easy however significant. Examples embody the plain half hearts of every partner. They could not imply a lot to others, however to the couple, they’re sentimental.

28-) Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin Yang tattoos

It’s an historic idea displaying two opposing energies. Nevertheless, when the indicators are mixed, they overpower and create a stability in them. It depicts {couples} who really feel completely different, however collectively they create a stability of their lives.

29-) Homosexual Tattoos

Gay tattoos

Homosexual {couples} can now get stunning and matching tattoo designs with rainbows, triangles and flags to point out they take pleasure of their relationships.

30-) Alpha Pairs Tattoo

Alpha pairs

We derive the alpha image from historic Greek, which means the start. It’s excellent for a homosexual couple to represent a splendid begin to their love life.

31-) Lesbian Tattoo

Lesbian tattoos

The perfect designs for lesbian {couples} who need to present their timeless love for one another are rainbows, hearts or the standard feminine symbols.

32-) Attractive Couple Tattoo

Sexy-couple tattoo

Attractive tattoos are sometimes engaging, particularly when the ink is on the couple’s personal elements the place solely they’ll see. The tattoos are painful to ink, however the outcomes are magnificent.

33-) Nation Themed Tattoo


{Couples} sharing comparable values and backgrounds would recognize the thought. Inspiration from the nation way of life contains searching, music, and ranch themes, to say a couple of.

34-) Humorous Tattoos

Funny tattoos

In relationships, humour is a crucial facet. Humorous tattoo concepts embody widespread phrases as an inside joke to the couple, puns, and amusing phrases from their favorite comedians.

35-) Matching Hand Tattoos

Matching hand tattoos

Matching tattoos for {couples} might embody a easy however sentimental phrase, one another’s names and weird drawings, akin to a cage on the one hand and a fowl flying in the direction of the cage on the partner’s hand.

36-) Anchor Tattoo


When {couples} use the thought for a tattoo, they typically attempt to symbolize a grounding for one another with a sense of humility and security in one another’s arms.

37-) Significant Tattoos

Meaningful tattoos

It may very well be one thing unimaginable or traumatizing they went by way of. The couple’s tattoo concepts are a reminder that their relationship is powerful and meant to final eternally.

38-) Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos

The wrist tattoo is widespread for {couples} as they’re in place. They’re conspicuous however can get lined simply. The tattoos might be completely different in design, however having them within the actual space makes them distinctive to some.

39-) Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos

They are perfect for {couples} who share a direct connection to some tribal heritage. You may contemplate the tattoos if the designs are interesting to you. Nevertheless, it’s important to study the which means of the design first.

40-) Preliminary Tattoos

Initial tattoos

They’re a easy and but efficient means of matching tattoos along with your partner. You may both use initials for one another or mix initials for each your names and get a novel design and calligraphy for the tattoo.

41-) Couple Names Tattoos

Couple names tattoos

{Couples} can use their names for tattoos. They may use full names, nicknames, first or final names. Guarantee to make use of nice fonts to make them fairly.

42-) Modest Tattoos

Modest tattoos

Some individuals desire delicate physique ink that can have a sentimental which means of their relationship. Such tattoos typically have hidden meanings behind them. Examples embody letters, phrases, numbers, symbols, shapes, and designs.

43-) Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos

Small and single matching flowers are perfect for {couples}. They’re much more interesting when inked on shoulders, arms or legs. The perfect flowers to make use of that symbolizes love are roses or your favorite flowers.

44-) Stars Tattoo


Stars are stunning however typically underrated. A single star or a number of tiny ones makes an beautiful tattoo, particularly when {couples} match them up.

45-) Butterflies Tattoo


Butterflies check with a relationship, particularly in the course of the preliminary phases the place it’s stunning and vibrant. Whether or not you need them plain or detailed, massive or small, a butterfly tattoo will nonetheless be excellent.

46-) Plain Phrases Tattoo

Plain words

Phrases carry numerous meanings. Choosing matching calligraphy and designs like block or wavy letters is interesting and distinctive. The traces are sometimes clear and crisp, making the tattoo a delight.

47-) Canine Silhouettes Tattoo

Dog silhouettes

The design is good for canine lovers. They’ll choose small silhouettes of their favorite canine breed and have it inked on the same half on their our bodies.

48-) PawPrints Tattoo


A pair might select to ink tiny paws of their favorite animal which may be a cat, canine or favorite wild animal. To make them distinctive, they need to add some color to them.

49-) Waves Tattoo


Waves are implausible, particularly when they’re small and colourfully hidden in uncommon areas like on the facet of the thumb or on pinkies. Having them on the identical a part of the physique along with your partner is much more interesting.

50-) Zodiac Indicators Tattoo

Zodiac signs

The zodiac indicators are extra private and significant when used as tattoos. {Couples} can tattoo one another’s zodiac signal to point out their love, care, and thoughtfulness for one another.

51-) Flames Tattoo


{Couples} who use the flame tattoo thought present that their love will preserve burning for one another eternally. The flame tattoo concepts vary from easy linear concepts to very large ones which have extra colours and designs.

52-) Lion Heads Tattoo

Lion heads

Lion heads for {couples} can get inked otherwise. The male can draw a male lion with a large mane, whereas the feminine may very well be a feminine lion. Tiny ones on fingers and small physique elements are stunning.

53-) Scriptures Tattoo


Spiritual {couples} might contemplate tattoo concepts like scriptures and bible verses that talk about love and relationships. Precise scripture, particular phrases or simply bible chapters and verses are excellent.

54-) Teddy Bears Tattoo

Teddy bears

Teddy bears symbolize love, affection and innocence. They typically remind the couple to like and look after one another. Females get a teddy bear with a female bow and one with out for the person.

55-) Paper Planes Tattoo

Paper planes

The paper planes may very well be a symbolic tattoo of sending a message of affection to your companion. You may draw them in your wrists, a design that exhibits the airplane leaving one arm to the opposite.

56-) Shaded Paper Planes Tattoo

Shaded paper planes

When the paper planes get shaded in pink, they present love. {Couples} can draw matching paper planes shaded in pink on the identical areas of their our bodies like arms, wrists and fingers.

57-) Tiny Avocados Tattoo

Tiny avocados

Tattooing small matching avocados is cute and humorous. {Couples} ink small halves of avocados on and add some cute faces and color to the avocadoes to make them prettier.

58-) Diamonds Tattoo


Diamonds are timeless, and a pair trying to get matching tattoos ought to contemplate this to point out how timeless their love for one another is. Tiny ones are trendier when inked on ankles and wrists.

59-) Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow and arrow

One partner might draw an arrow, and the opposite a bow. The tattoo thought exhibits each need to be collectively for the connection to work, identical to how the bow and arrow works.

60-) Mr and Mrs Tattoo

Mr and Mrs

These are one of the best husband and spouse tattoos particularly for the newly married {couples} or {couples} married for lengthy and celebrating an anniversary. They inform the world extra about your relationship.

61-) Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals

It’s a terrific means of celebrating particular dates in a pair’s relationship. Such tattoos are unusual and have an incredible aesthetic attraction. It is going to be exhausting for some individuals to decipher the which means immediately.

62-) Tiny Triangles Tattoo

Tiny triangles

Triangle tattoos symbolize a bond between two lovers, displaying how deep in love they’re. Additionally it is an indication of the dedication to create a future household. A black and a white one is exclusive.

63-) Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Crossed arrows

Cupid arrows are the oldest symbols of affection within the ebook. Crossing two arrows symbolizes real love from two individuals who need to be collectively eternally.

64-) His and Hers Tattoo

His and hers

They’re excellent when each tattooed in delicate physique elements the place solely the couple can see. The dimensions and the placement it’s tattooed offers them an incredible sense of boldness and intimacy.

65-) Geometric Circles Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Geometric circles make overlapping indicators utilizing completely different colors on every circle. The matching of the first colors and pictures symbolizes a shared curiosity that has deep data.

66-) Winged Hearts Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The winged hearts are extra interesting when drawn on thumbs. One half with wings particulars one partner and the opposite half on the opposite partner to finish an entire coronary heart when positioned collectively.

67-) Braided Appeal Bracelets Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Each can get a string of braided bracelets that’s inked on the wrist. They then draw heart-shaped charms and get their names or initials engraved contained in the charms.

68-) Lifelines Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

It’s an attractive and simple means of a pair displaying one another how a lot they want their companions. Passionate lovers use these tattoos to inform one another their relationship is until demise separates them.

69-) EKG Heartbeat Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

They’re finest tattooed on the ankle or the wrist. The design is of a coronary heart drawn someplace between the R-R traces to depict a beating coronary heart displaying how the couple’s hearts beat for one another.

70-) Coronary heart Fingerprints Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

It’s a novel and stylish design utilized by {couples}. The tattoo artist copy’s the partner’s fingerprint and duplicates it in a heart-shaped format on the opposite partner and vice versa.

71-) Pinky Swears Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The concept is of tiny arms displaying the pinky swear signal. To make sure they present love, you would contemplate including a coronary heart signal behind the 2 arms or some pink roses.

72-) Promise Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

They is likely to be acquainted, however they typically have deep sentimental worth for {couples} who tattoo them on. Frequent phrases for promise tattoos embody “all the time be with you” or “all the time right here for you”.

73-) Peace and Love Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

{Couples} may ink some tiny hearts with the peace signal image drawn contained in the hearts. Small tattoos are finest when positioned within the index fingers of each events.

74-) Love Grows Flowers Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The design is of a flower rising out of a coronary heart. Tiny ones are higher for example this sort of love. It’s a cute illustration that love is a dwelling factor that grows.

75-) Tie-N-Dye Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The concept permits a pair to have distinctive tattoos, symbols, and designs splashed with shiny colors. The intense watercolours symbolize energy and purity, which is a sense shared by the couple.

76-) 4-Leaf Clover Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Discovering a four-leaf clover is an indication of luck. {Couples} get this inked in to inform the world that they’re the luckiest individuals for locating one another.

77-) Areas Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Some globetrotters might discover a particular place they each love and draw the map of the realm to recollect it by. It may very well be a continent, a rustic, or only a small city.

78-) Coordinates Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

It’s trendier to tattoo the coordinates of your favorite location, as an example, the place you met or a spot you each love visiting, as an alternative of simply the identify or map of the realm.

79-) International Language Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Expressing love in a international language is romantic. Having a tattoo with romantic love phrases in a international language is a superb thought for {couples}.

80-) Origami Designs Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Origami designs are uncommon designs, however they’re distinctive, particularly when {couples} match them up. For example, they might tattoo some fantastically colored origami birds.

81-) Doodling Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

When some individuals are in love, you will see many doodling on their notebooks with hearts, roses, and love quotes. Think about a beautiful depiction of the identical in your lover’s arms.

82-) Ornate Design Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The ornate design is an improved and fancy model of the lock and key. It has many constructions and additions, together with hearts, flowers, or some gothic design.

83-) String and Cups Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The tattoo is a illustration of a long-distance relationship. The {couples} draw tiny people with a cup and a string from one partner to the opposite.

84-) The Brains Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

It’s primarily for intellectuals. They attempt to illustrate utilizing a mind drawing that they’re all the time on one another’s minds. Including some cartoon theme to it makes it much more distinctive.

85-) Deck of Playing cards Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The tattoo thought is superb for lovers who’re into casinos and playing. The perfect playing cards to contemplate which can be distinctive and significant are the king and Queen Playing cards.

86-) Robots Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

For robotic lovers, drawing some robots who look a lot in love is a cute thought. Think about a manly robotic giving a girly robotic on the opposite arm a bouquet with tiny flowers flying throughout.

87-) Similar Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

The design contains having a pair tattooing the identical image, face, flower, fowl or animal on each their arms and on the identical place on their our bodies.

88-) Celestial Beings Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Relying on the couple’s preferences, they might select both the solar or the photo voltaic system, galaxies, comets, asteroids, and even meteors and meteoroids.

89-) Birds Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Birds are stunning. A pair might determine to have large matching ones or their feathers on their backs and tiny ones on numerous elements of their our bodies just like the neck or again of the ears.

90-) Hen and a Department Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The distinctive thought of a fowl about to perch in your arm and a department in your partner is a straightforward means of telling a narrative of the way you two discover relaxation in one another’s arms.

91-) Swallow Birds Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The swallow birds symbolize love, care and affection between {couples}. The distinctive and beautiful birds are much more breathtaking as tattoos in numerous colors.

92-) Love Birds Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

They’re a standard kind of fowl used for tattoos by many {couples}. Their massive pet eyes make them much more cute, as tattoos with their pretty distinction between the female and male birds.

93-) Minions Tattoos


The minions present unity, love, and loyalty to one another. {Couples} can tattoo their favorite minions as an indication of affection, affection and devotion to one another.

94-) Circle of Love Tattoo

Circle of love

The black curve of the circle represents the male, and the middle is the feminine, particularly with splashes of watercolours. Half of the ring will get inked on one couple whereas they inked the opposite half of the circle on the opposite.

95-) Wine Pouring Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The tattoo is of a bottle of wine pouring right into a glass on the partner’s arm. The tattoo is finest inked on the forearm of the couple.

96-) Fly Away Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

The tattoos are of a flock of birds that seem like flying away in the identical course. Its symbolism for the couple who need to present freedom and a recent starting of their life.

97-) Deers Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Deer tattoos are one of the best for newlyweds as they symbolize energy, purity, energy and fertility. A female model is one with out horns, whereas a masculine one has monumental and exquisite horns.

98-) Owls Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Owls symbolize thriller and knowledge. They’re non secular guides, and {couples} who tattoo owls ship a message of being guides for one another.

99-) Turtle love Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Tiny however cute turtles are a symbolism of real love, braveness and endurance. It’s what love is all about for it to last more and be wholesome.

100-) GOAT Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

GOAT has an array of which means and symbolism. Some symbolism might embody greatness, endurance and sacrifice a pair ought to have of their relationship.

101-) Mountain Goat Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

We all know the mountain goats for his or her confidence, belief and stability. A pair sporting this tattoo, whether or not tiny or monumental, exhibits energy and religion between them.

102-) Zodiac Indicators Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Zodiac indicators have gotten trendier by the day. {Couples} draw stunning zodiac indicators of one another on their our bodies to point out love and look after one another.

103-) Music Notes Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Music lovers and artists in love typically use music notes matching tattoos. The couple may also ink in some stunning and their favorite lyrics.

104-) Gamer vs. Bookwork Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

In a relationship typically are instances when the couple is from two completely different worlds. One loves studying and the opposite is all about enjoyable and video games, making this their excellent selection of tattoo artwork.

105-) Tetris Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

They’re beautiful however simple, particularly while you match them up with a partner. The Tetris are stronger collectively, and subsequently it’s excellent for a pair to represent energy.

106-) Tech Impressed Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Geeks and tech gurus in love might contemplate a variety of tattoo designs impressed by expertise. A circuit board, screens, and motherboards are a couple of concepts you and your companion ought to contemplate.

107-) Batman and Robin Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

The dynamic duo is a superb thought for {couples}. They’re an outline of energy and perseverance. The couple who put on this represents their love and look after one another.

108-) Gender Image Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

The gender symbols symbolize the female and male. {Couples} can get matching tattoos and use the gender image as their artwork designs.

109-) Woman and Tramp Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

The woman and the tramp attraction, primarily if a pair attracts massive tattoo artwork of the design. The story is about discovering love even on the lowest level of your life.

110-) Peas in Pod Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

The thought behind the 2 peas in a pod to point out a robust bond between two individuals. Two peas in a physique artwork design are typical for {couples}.

111-) Emoji Tattoos

matching couple tattoos

Totally different tattoos have completely different meanings, so watch out when selecting {couples} matching tattoos to keep away from sending the improper message.

112-) Every Different Face Tattoo

matching couple tattoos

Some {couples} might get excessive and tattoo one another’s faces on their our bodies. It’s an indication of dedication and devotion. Nevertheless, ensure you’re within the relationship for all times earlier than tattooing somebody’s face in your physique.

113-) Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos

For the reason that invention of tattoos within the ink world, cross tattoos proceed to achieve reputation amongst women and men who establish strongly with the religion in Christ.

The tattoo is a big image of Jesus’s love, sacrifice and demise to save lots of the human race. Moreover, cross tattoos maintain quite a few meanings. From peace, unconditional love and household to spirituality and rather more. It’s because cross tattoos date again to over 2,000 years in the past.

The image has additionally been round for generations throughout completely different cultures every having completely different meanings of the image – with some not being non secular. However, Cross tattoos are an distinctive strategy to categorical your devotion to religion or any which means you may need.

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